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Ring-Forts in the Barony of Moyarta, Co. Clare, and Their Legends
by Thomas Johnson Westropp

Part II.—Kilkee to Carrigaholt

Absence of Forts in Breaghva

We may here note, in contrast to the great abundance of forts in other parts of the Irrus, their marked absence from Breaghva and other townlands forming the centre of Moyarta Parish. This fact and the name Breaghva (breffa = place of wolves) imply that this district was for a long time a desert haunted by wild animals; the open and populous country lying towards the river, the creek, and the sea, the rest being left to “the wild kindreds.” We may recall here how the hero, Conall Cairnech, the contemporary of Cuchullin, was hunted by “the three red wolves of the Martini,” [19] a tribe which inhabited this district in early times.