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Ring-Forts in the Barony of Moyarta, Co. Clare, and Their Legends
by Thomas Johnson Westropp

Part I.—From Loop Head to Carrigaholt

Forts in Moyarta Parish: Carrownaweelaun

Carrownaweelaun.—In this townland, in a boggy field, is a fine fort greatly overgrown. It has a second circle, now much defaced, but traceable, and 5 feet high. The central fort has a garth, 75 feet across, with a ring 18 feet thick, 8 feet to 10 feet high over the fosse, and 5 feet or 6 feet over the garth. The fosse is wet, 21 feet to 23 feet wide, and 4 feet or 5 feet deep, the outer ring, 8 feet to 12 feet thick, while the outer circle is 40 feet or 50 feet across at various places, and 8 feet to 12 feet thick, making the fort about 268 feet over all. The ditches abound with the Royal Fern (Osmunda).

Plan and Section of Carrownaweelaun
Plan and
Section of
Plan and Section of Carrownaweelaun