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Ring-Forts in the Barony of Moyarta, Co. Clare, and Their Legends
by Thomas Johnson Westropp

Part I.—From Loop Head to Carrigaholt

The Forts and Their Legend: Lisdundahlin & Cahernaheanmna

Of the next two forts no unquestionable remains seem to exist, though we examined their sites. “Lisdundahlin” is represented by a square modern enclosure at the end of an old lane. I believe there is some confusion on the 1839 map; for O’Curry names the existing Dundahlin, already described by us, [18] which is omitted on the map, but does not name any separate fort of “Lisdundahlen.” [19] “Cahernaheanmna” is hardly discoverable on the moor, about 430 yards east from the last. There seems to be no record of any of the forts earlier than 1750 (save perhaps of Cahercroghaun), unless the Doonaheanvna, founded by Shane mac Con, in the “Castle Founders’ List,” [20] be the same; it is named after Cahermurphy, and in that list the location is utterly vague; but it may have been in the south-west part of Clare, and, like Moher and other names in the same list, have been a fort and not a castle.