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Report on the state of Popery, 1731

A Report on the state of popery in 1731 returned figures for Catholic priests, friars, nuns, churches, chapels, friaries, convents and schools in each parish. This Clare extract is taken from the returns for the Diocese of Killaloe which were included in the Munster returns reproduced in Archivum Hibernicum or Irish Historical Records, vol. II, 1913, pp.108-156.

The Return of the Clergy of the Diocese of Killaloe with respect to the present state of Popery in their respective parishes.

Parishes Old Mass Houses Mass Houses built since the 1st of KG 1st Priests Officiating Frieries Fryars Nunneries Nuns Private Chappels Popish Schools Comments
Ennis, &c. 7 . 7 . . . . . .  
Kilneboy, &c. 2 4 6 . . . . 2 4 Two of ye priests are ye same that serve at Kilneboy besides several strolling priests
Kilrush, &c. . 3 6 . . . . . 1  
Clandagad, &c. 4 . 3 . . . . . .  
New Markett, &c. 3 . 3 . . . . . .  
Tomgrany, &c. 6 1 5 . . . . . .  
Castle Connell, &c. 1 . 2 . . . . . .  
Sixmilebridge, &c. 10 . 8 . . . . . .  
Killmurry, &c. 5 . 4 . . . . . 1  
Tulla, &c. 1 1 2 . . . . . 2  
Killaloe, &c. 2 1 3 . 1 . . 2 2  
Finch [Finoh] 2 . 2 . . . . . 3 Two of which are in private protestant Houses

In the Union of Ennis, the Revd. Mr. Samuel Moland Parish Ministers and the Revd. Mr. James Henesey his assistant.

In the town of Ennis one Mass house two Priests, in another part of the same parish one Mass house one Priest.

Killmaly parish one Mass house one Priest.

Killnamona one Mass house one Priest.

Killraghtis one Mass house one Priest.

Clare Abby two Mass house one Priest.

All the above Mass houses built before the Reign of King George the first. No Nunneries or Fryaries, private Popish Chappels or Schools.


In the Union of Killneboy, the Revd. Mr. Ambrose Upton Rector.

Killneboy one Mass house built about 4 years agoe two Priests Ignatius Donaghue and Peter Hogan a Fryar, two private Popish Chappels one Popish Schoolmaster Patrick Haly at Corofin.

Parish of Rath two Priests the same that serve the above Parish of Killneboy.

Killkeedy one old Mass house one Priest Hugh Carraggy.

Dysert three Mass houses one old one, two new and two Popish Priests Teige Kerin and Sullivan and two schools.

Inchicronane. At Crusheen one Mass house built 1726 James Conner Priest, one Popish Schoolmaster James Adams.


In the Union of Kilrush, the Revd. Mr. George Roche and the Revd. Mr. Thomas Hunt his assistant.

As to the Mass houses there is one in every of the following parishes, they have been built within the time in the order, but they are ordinary cabbins and not lasting.

The parish Priest of Killrush James Thornton his assistant Jame McNemara a reputed Fryar.

The Parish Priests of Killferah and Killard Martin Sexton and Paul McNemara, the parish Priest of Mayorta and Killballyowen Denis Cusack his assistant John Quin, besides several stroling Priests there is one Popish Schoolmaster one Chambers. No Nunneries nor Fryaries.


In the Union of Clandagad, the Revd. Mr. Willm. Hadlock Minister.

The Parish of Clandagad, one Mass house one officiating priest the Mass house built before the first of King George the first.

Parish of Killdisart, one Mass house built before the first of King George the first, one officiating Priest.

Parish of Killmichael, one old Mass house one officiating Priest.

Parish of Killfarboy one Mass house an old one and one officiating Priest. No Nunneries Fryaries or Popish Schools.


Newmarkett Union, the Revd. Mr. Andrew Barclay Curate.

Killnasulagh, one Mass house one Popish Priest Thos Clancy.

Killmaleery, one Masshouse one Priest Timothy Collinane.

Drumline, one Masshouse one Priest Patrick Quin.

No Nunnerie Fryarie or Popish school.


In the Union of Tomgrany. The Revd. Mr. Benj Lloyde Rectr.

In this union there are seven mass houses one built about two years agoe, and there are five officiating Priests.

No Nunneries Fryaries or Popish Schools.


In the Union of Castleconnell, the Revd. Mr. Ed. Purdon Rectr. –

In the union of Castleconnell there are three parishes in which there are but two Popish Priest who officiate and but one mass house in the three Parishes built long before King George 1 Reign. No Nunnery Fryarie or Popish Schoolmaster.


In the Union of Sixmilebridge, the Revd. Mr. Jos Dawson the Revd. Mr. John Stephens his assistant.

In this union are eight Priests and ten Mass houses. No Nunneries Fryaries or Popish Schools.


In the Union of Kilmurry, the Revd. Richd. Janns Rectr.

In this union there are five Mass houses all built before the Reign of King George the first, there are four officiating Priests and one Popish Schoolmaster. No Nunnerie Fryarie or Private Popish chappel.


Parish of Tulla, the Revd. Mr. Marcus Paterson Minister.

In this Parish there are two Mass house one a very old one another new one, there are two popish Priests William and Andrew Conelan, there are likewise two popish schoolmasters.

No Nunneries Fryaries &c.


Parish of Killaloe, the Revd. Mr. Benj. Lloyde Curate.

At Turgh a Mass house built about 4 years agoe, at Akillagallagh and Garanboy two Mass houses built before the Reign of King George the first, the Popish Priests are Willm. Dougan, Roger Beregra, Murtagh Mullowny, there are two private Chappels at Ardclony one belonging to Florence McNemara Esqr. Another Danl. McNemara. John McNemara son to Florence officiates in one he is a reputed Fryar the other is served sometimes by Dougan sometimes by Mollowny, there are two popish schools one at Akilligallagh Mass house the other at Turgh Mass house.


Parish of Finoh.

There have been two mass houses in this union which consists of four small parishes of 22000 acres, ever since I came to the parish which was in the year 1715.They are served by one Connolly Egan parish Priest, & one Antony Kennedy his assistant, and there are three popish Schoolmasters – Two of which are in private Protestant Houses. This is attested by me this 29 of November 1731.

JA : GREENSHIELDS Rector of Finoh

In obedience to the order of the Lords Committees which I have the honour to receive from yr. Grace, as high Sheriff of the County of Clare, I have made diligent enquiry in relation to the fryars and Nuns in the same, and tho’ on strict search I can’t find the certain residence of any; yet I hear there is a fraternity of Fryars who sometimes assemble near Quin, a small village in this County; but to what number I know not, which is the only Information I am able to communicate to your Grace as to either, who am

19th Novr. 1731

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