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Travels in County Clare 1534 - 1911
(extracts from The Strangers Gaze, edited by Brían Ó Dálaigh)



   Letter to Charles V, 1534 Connor O’Brien

   Ennis Assizes, 1570
     Disorder in Thomond, 1570 Edward Fitton

   Description of Thomond, 1574 Fr David Wolfe

   Account of County Clare, 1586 William Goode

   Observations, 1606 Sir John Davies

   Diary of an English Sea Captain, 1646 William Penn

   Diary of the Parliamentary Forces, 1651 Anonymous

   The War in Clare, 1651 Edmund Ludlow

   Description of Thomond, 1669 Fr Anthony MacBrody

   Journal of Thomas Dineley, 1681 Thomas Dineley

   A Journal of my Travels, 1690 John Stevens

   Stormtossed on the Coast, 1738 George Whitefield


Loop Head

This anthology brings together over four centuries of superb accounts of County Clare by visitors to the county. While their accounts enlighten and entertain, they also provide fascinating insights into the social, religious, and cultural traditions of County Clare. Historical landmarks such as the Cromwellian conquest, the Great Famine and the Land War are described by individuals who either participated in or witnessed these great events. Soldiers of fortune, mapmakers, shipwrecked clergymen, itinerant judges, social reformers, newspaper reporters, all inhabit these accounts. They present a view of Clare that is compelling and unique and evoke the atmosphere and character of the county’s past. The travellers’ accounts have been selected and edited by Brían Ó Dálaigh, who also wrote the introduction and the biographical pieces on each author which precede each account.

   Visits to County Clare, 1756-73 Rev John Wesley

   An Agriculturalist’s Account of Clare, 1776 Arthur Young

   Public Institutions of County Clare, 1788 John Howard

   Journey Through County Clare, 1788 Daniel Augustus Beaufort

   A Tour of West Clare, 1791 Charles Bowden

   A Frenchman’s Tour of East Clare, 1797 Chevalier De Latocnaye

   Rambles in Clare, 1810 William Reed

   A Brief Visit to Ennis, 1812 Joseph Lancaster

   Tour of East Clare, 1812 Rev James Hall

   Observations on Agriculture, 1813 John Curwen

   A Walk Through County Clare, 1817 John Trotter

   Diary of a Colour-Sergeant, 1828 George Calladine

   The Angler in County Clare, 1833 William Bilton

   Assizes, 1834 Henry Inglis

   Miseries and Beauties, 1835 Jonathan Binns

   Rambles, 1838 Lady Chatterton

   Clare Sketch Book, 1842 William Thackeray

   A Tour of Pre-Famine Clare, 1842 Johann Kohl

   Notes on a Clare Tour, 1846 John Manners

   Quaker reports on Famine Conditions, 1847

   Life and Death in County Clare, 1849 Spencer T. Hall

   Reminiscences, 1849 Thomas Carlyle

   Visit to West Clare, 1849 George Poulett Scrope

   Destitution, 1849 Rev S. Godolphin Osborne

   Potential of Farming, 1849 James Caird

   Letters from Clare, 1852 Harriet Martineau

   Diary of a Naturalist, 1854 Alexander More

   An account of Post Famine Clare, 1861 Henry Coulter

   Sights and Scenes, 1859 Thomas Lacy

   A Walking Tour, 1864 William Barry

   Disturbed Clare, 1880 Bernard Becker

   A Visit to Bodyke, 1881 Jessie Craigen

   Clare Under Coercion, 1888 William Hurlbert

   Three Months in Clare, 1891 Marie Anne de Bovet

   Clare as it is, 1893 Robert Buckley

   Rambles, 1911 Robert Lynd


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