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Collection in Tubber for Tower and Spire of the Catholic Church, Ennis, 1873

Source: The Freeman's Journal
Date: 8 November 1873, p. 48
Donated by: Paddy Casey

The Very Rev. Dean Kenny and the Chapel Committee return their sincere thanks to the Rev. M. Molony P.P. Tubber, and to his parishioners for the generous contributions towards the erection of the Tower and Spire of the Catholic Church, Ennis, in response to the appeal made to them by the Reverend Robert Fitzgerald C.C.

£ s d
Mr. Pat Kelly Tulla Park 1 0 0
John Neylan, Knockroe 1 0 0
Thomas Donohue, Kilkeedy 1 0 0
A Friend 0 10 0
Dr Murtough, Gort 0 10 0
Mr John McInerny 0 12 6
Mr Pat Corbett 0 7 0
Mr J Kilkelly 0 5 0
Mr Michael O'Conner 0 5 0
Mr James McInerny 0 7 6
The Constabulary 0 5 0
Mr Bartley Cusack 0 5 0
Mr John Burnet 0 4 6
Mr Pat Taafe 0 4 0
Mr John Geohegan 0 3 0
Mr M Cassidy 0 3 0

The following subscribed 2s 6d each - Mr M. Verlin, Mr James Carney, Mr John Ryan, Mr Pat Ryan, Mr Pat Moloney, Mr John Mullins, Mr Pat Caher, Mrs Carney, Mr James Burke.

The following subscribed 2s each - Mr John Carney, Mr Pat Quinlan, Mrs P. O'Connor, Mr Pat Marlborough, Mr John Waters, Mr John Walsh, Mr Connor Lee, Mr Pat Fogarty, Mr John Quin, Mr John Harvey.

The following subscribed 1s 6d each - M Ryan, Pat Howard, Mrs Markham, Mrs Horgan, Martin Burke, Michael Glynne, Mrs Corry (or Curry ? - trans.).

The following subscribed 1s each - John Cusack, James Reddan, M Fogarty, M. Moynehan, Pat Murphy, John Connors, T Moynehan, N Forde, J Grady, J Hynes, M McGrath, M Geohegan, M Ryan, Pat Carney, James Forde, Constable Casey, Constable O'Donnell, Nicholas Quin, Constable Walsh, E Roche, P Murphy, Connor O'Dea, Connor Howard, M Linnane, Mrs Cusack, Mrs Verlin, M Cooney, Miss Waters, Miss Deluhery, Mrs James Burke, Mrs McMahon, M Lee, Thomas Brogan, Martin Hanburry, P Donohue, Owen Donohue, James Glynne, Dan Keefe, James Quin, M Burke, James Macmahon, T Flaherty, Connor Kelly, Martin Macmahon, E Corlett, T Corbett, M Roche, P Macmahon, Mrs Curry, John Roughan, Bridget Lewis, Mrs Donohue, Mrs Nugent, Mrs Marlborough -

Total £14 3s 2d.

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