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War of Independence and Civil War:
Patrick (Pat) Keane, Kilnamona; personal statement

Mid Clare IRA activists, circa 1921
Mid Clare IRA activists, circa 1921
Back Row: (from left) Pakie Kerin, Darragh, Pat Keane, Kilnamona,
unknown; Centre:unknown, unknown;
Front: Vincent Barrett (in uniform), Thomas Callaghan, Cloonanaha, Patrick McGough, Inagh

List of Coy O/C (Kilnamona) during the War of Independence

1915 – October 1917: John Keating
October 1917 – December 1919: Patrick Kerin
December 1919 – February 1921: Michael Hegarty
9 February 1921 – April 1922: Patrick Keane

Members of A Coy (Kilnamona) 3rd Batt Mid Clare Bgde I.R.A. on 11th July 1921

Compiled in 1935 by ex Coy O/C Pat Keane, Ballymongaun, Kilnamona

Name Rank Present Address* Part Taken during Civil War
Patk. Keane Coy Capt Cliften Co Galway Served with IRA
John Griffin 1st Lieut Kilnamona Neutral
Patk. Brody 2nd Lieut Shallee Kilnamona     do
Ml. Keane Adjt. Kilnamona Served with IRA
Patk. Kerin Q. Master deceased  
Thos. Brody Desp.Rider Kilnamona Joined National Army
Ml. O’Loughlin     do Rushaun Kilnamona Neutral
Martin Kerin     do              do     do
Jos. Barrett    I. O. Ahasla Maurice’s Mills Served IRA
John Keating Organization Toureen Kilnamona       do
Patk. O’Keeffe   Ennishkeen Co Louth Civic Guards
Ml. Brody   deceased          -
John Brody   Caherbanna Kilnamona Neutral
Martin Brody         do     do
John Organ   Maurice’s Mills Joined National Army
Ml. McMahon   U.S.A.             do
Stephen Foody   National Army             do
Patk. Considine   Kilnamona Served IRA
Dennis Moloney         do       do
Martin Keane   U.S.A.       do
Frank Keane   Maurice’s Mills       do
Myles Keane   Kilnamona Joined National Army
Jas. McMahon   Civic Guards Neutral
Thos. McMahon   U.S.A.     do
John Cullinan   Rushaun Kilnamona     do
Patk. Cullinan   U.S.A.     do
Patk. Hegarty   Shanaway Ennis     do
Fred Hegarty   Kilnamona     do
John Hegarty   U.S.A.     do
Thos. Cahir   deceased       -
Daniel Cahir   Kilnamona Neutral
Andrew Keane   Ballyasheea Kilnamona Served IRA
Terence O’Dea   Ahasla Maurice’s Mills        do
Ml. O’Dea   Barefield Ennis        do
Antony Doherty   Ahasla Maurice’s Mills        do
John O’Keeffe   Ballyduffmore Kilnamona        do
Ml. McCarty   Dysart Neutral
Jas. Cullinan   deceased       -
Thos. O’Brien   Kilnamona Served IRA
Thos. Keane   U.S.A.        do
Jas. McTigue      do Neutral
Ml. O’Loughlin   Rushaun Kilnamona     do
John O’Loughlin         do     do
Patk. Kerin   Kilmaley Served IRA
Austin Kerin   Kilnamona Neutral
Daniel O’Keeffe(jun)         do     do
Daniel O’Keeffe(Dan)         do     do
Peter O’Keeffe   Ennis     do
John Hehir   Derula Kilnamona     do
Thos. O’Loughlin   U.S.A.     do
Patk. Howard   Civic Guards     do
Jas. Naughton   Lickane Kilnamona     do
Thos. Hayes   deceased       -
Ml. O’Neill   Ballyknock Kilnamona Neutral
Martin Kerin (Pat)   deceased     do
Patk. O’Leary   Shallee Kilnamona     do
Ml. O’Keeffe   Ballyknock Kilnamona     do
Jos. O’Keeffe   U.S.A.     do
Martin Barry   Kilnamona Served I.R.A.
Frank Mescall         do Neutral
Thos. Kerin         do     do
Ml. Cullinan   deceased     do
Ml. Neylon   Ahasla Kilnamona     do

[Note: addresses as of 1935]

Kilnamona Volunteers taking part in Military Engagements
Compiled in 1935 by Patk Keane, ex O/C A Coy (Kilnamona) 3rd Batt Mid Clare Bgde I.R.A.

Kilnamona Participants
Disarming Military at Ennis 23rd June 1920 Patk Keane, Ml. Hegarty, Patk Brody & Joe Barrett
Attack on Ruan Barracks 18/10/20 Patk Keane, Patk Brody, Thos Brody, Joe Barrett, John Griffin (Griffey), Thos Cahir
Proposed attack on Corofin Patrol, 24/3/21 Patk Keane, Patk Brody, Patk O’Keeffe, John Griffin, Denis Moloney and Fred Hegarty
Conveying war material for Monreal ambush, December 1920 Patk Keane, Paddy Brody and Tom Cahir
Seizing Rate Books, 18/2/21 Patk Keane, Patk Brody and T. Callaghan of Dysart
Seizing of Mails, various dates 1921 Patk Keane and Paddy Brody
Attack on Black and Tans at Ennis 26/6/21 Patk O’Keeffe and Frank Keane

Most Active Volunteers in Kilnamona Coy during:

Anglo Irish War:- Patk Keane, O/C (1921) Ballyasheea, Kilnamona, Ennis
  Patrick Brody, 2nd Lieut, Shallee Kilnamona, Ennis
  Ml. Keane, Adjt., Caherbanna Kilnamona Ennis
  Patk. O’Keeffe, Civic Guard Stn Ennishkeen Co Louth
  Joseph Barrett, I.O., Ahasla Maurice's Mills Ennis
  Fred Hegarty Ballyasheea Kilnamona Ennis
  John Keating Toureen Kilnamona Ennis
  John Brody Caherbanna Kilnamona Ennis
  Frank Keane Drumcreen Maurice's Mills Ennis
Civil War Period:- Patk Keane, Barracks O/C
Ballyasheea, Kilnamona, Ennis
  Ml. Keane Caherbanna Kilnamona Ennis
  Jos. Barrett Ahasla Maurice's Mills Ennis
  Ml. Brody (deceased) (Caherbanna)
  John Keating Toureen Kilnamona Ennis
  Terence O’Dea Ahasla Kilnamona Ennis
  Pat Considine Kilnamona Ennis

Personal Statement