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The Wreck of the ‘Edmond’
at Kilkee, 1850

Lists of Subscribers:

Wreck of the Barque 'Edmond'
ON behalf of those who were saved from the shipwreck of the Barque Edmond, on the awful night of the 19th of November, we hereby beg to offer the expression of our heartfelt gratitude to Laurence Quinlivan, Esq., Mayor of Limerick, to Alderman John Mc Donnell, the charterer of said vessel, and to the Corporation and Citizens generally of Limerick, and to all who subscribed to the fund, for the kind and generous interest they manifested in our fate, and for the charity, the promptitude, and the zeal they have shown in contributing to the amount of over £300 towards the exigencies of our forlorn position, and the relief the necessitous laboured under.
To the Right Worshipful the Mayor in particular, for his exertions in collecting so large a fund, and for his active benevolence on the occasion, we have not language sufficiently strong to convey our sentiments of thankfulness.
May a beneficent Providence, in his all wise dispensations, reward the charitable exertions thus made on behalf of those who at the time greatly needed this extension of public munificence towards them.
Signed on behalf of the survivors.

The following is a list of the Subscribers:
Emigration Commissioners, by Capt. Ellis, £50; Earl Clarendon, Ald. John McDonnell, Mark Phillips, £20 each; the owners of the Edmond, J. Arnott, G. Cannock, a Lady, Capt. Dickson, Col. Vandeleur (Kilrush), Rev. J. Staveley, W. Goold, M.P., a Lady, £5 each; City Dublin Steam Company, per Mr. Sibthorpe, £10; Rev G. Osborne, £3 5s; Lord Bishop and J. N. Russell & Sons, £3 each; Nesbitt and Co., London, per J. N. Russell and Sons, 20l.; the Mayor, Alderman McDonnell (Mayor elect), R. Potter, Michael Quin, Ald. Goary, Joseph Murphy, F. Spaight, J. Bannatyne, J. & P McDonnell, Henry O’Shea, Jas. Harvey & Co., Capt. Kennedy (late 68th), Reuben Harvey, Mr. Sargent (Cahir), Alexander Brothers, Aldermon Watson, Dawson, McMahon, O’Gorman, Mulcahy, Wm. O’Connell, W. L. Joynt, John Barrington, James McCarthy, Robert Keays, F. J. O’Neill, B. Mulrenan, Robt. Frost, Michl. Kelly, W. Delaney, J. Sharp, F. P. Russell, Thos. Worrall, Robt. Rodgers, Ryan Brothers, Mullock & Son, John Sidley, John Roche, Wm. Randall, T.M. Quin, George Dartnell, John Ellard, £1 10s. each; D. Cullen, W. Phayer, E. O’Donnell, a Friend, per W. L. Joynt, James Morris, S. Bouchier, J. Sheehy, F. Greene, P. Drysdale, John O’Donnell, James Spaight, N. McDonnell, Revington & Co., Todd & Co., John Quin, Dean Kirwan, Joseph Fogerty, James Barry, Laurence Kelly, John White, Henry Vereker, Ald. Hall, W. Cochrane, Thomas Nairn, Dr. Griffin, Mrs. D. F. G. Mahony, & Son, P. G. Barron, James Worrall, Wm. Gabbett, W. Fraser, Bank Ireland, G. Vickers, W. H. White, £1 each.
Out of 102 persons saved from the wreck, including two cabin passengers who would take no money, one hundred persons were paid £2 5s each, £225. The orphans, and distressed friends of those who were lost £100. Total, £325.

December 21.


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