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A ‘most vainglorious man’: the writings of Antonius Bruodin
By Luke McInerney

This article looks at the writings of the County Clare Franciscan, Antonius Bruodin [Antóin MacBruaideadha] (c.1618-80), and his contention with fellow cleric, Thomas Carve (alias Carew). The writings of these two men, both clerics and living exiled on the continent in the second half of the 17th century, reveal much about Gaelic culture, native institutions and the Gaelic learned class. Bruodin was born into a learned family of the classical Gaelic tradition, the Clann Bhruaideadha (McBrodys), who had produced generations of official chroniclers and poets to the Uí Bhriain (O'Briens) rulers of Thomond. His writings therefore contain first-hand accounts of the methods of learning and the wealth and proprietorship enjoyed by the learned class in Gaelic lordships, prior to their reduction in status and loss of patronage from the early 17th century.

This article was originally published in Archivium Hibernicum. Vol. 70 (2017), pp 202-283.

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   A ‘most vainglorious man’: the writings of Antonius Bruodin (PDF)

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