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Clare GenMaps  - mapping surnames, monuments and places on historical and modern maps

Video: Clare Genamps Surnames Feature Guide


How to find your surname heatmap - a step by step guide:

Select the people tab

Firstly, select the 'People' tab from the panel on the left




Then select one or more surnames.

You can select more than one surname (or variation of a surname) by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the desired surnames.


Then select from one of the three data sources:

1901 Census - Names every person present in the county on census night;
1852/1855 Griffith's Valuation – Names all ratepayers in the county;
1820s-1840s Tithe Applotments – Names all tithe payers in the county, excluding the towns and villages.

Note that the Tithes are marked by (centred on) parish rather than townland, as the tithes don’t use the ‘standard’ townlands which were established in the 1840s.

The heatmap


The heatmap:
The map in the centre panel shows the relative distribution of the selected surname/s. The 'hotter' the marker, the more records exist for that surname in that area.

Clicking on a marker will show the area name and wil create a link in the next panel on the right:

Click on this link to go to the relevant page on our website, e.g. Burrenfadda Townland page.

Features options


Features options:

Click back to the Features tab, and select, for example, the Townlands by Civil Parishes option.

You can of course also select any of the other options also, such as the monuments and enclosures.


You will notice that the heatmap now has interactive boundaries for townlands and parishes overlaid on the original map.

To zoom in and out you can use either the slider in the map window, or the one at the bottom of the page, which shows a zoom range (in green). You can also double click on a map to zoom in, or use the mouse wheel.

When you select one of the Areas Features (Townlands or Townlands by Civil Parishes) you can change the zoom level, opacity and style using the slider illustrated below.


drop down box



Change maps:

You can of course change the maps on view. The main map can be one of the Bing standard maps: Roads, Satellite, Satellite with Labels; or Open Street Map; or an ESRI map: Roads, Ocean, Satellite, Topography, Terrain; or an Ordnance Survey map of County Clare from 1842 – either an overview map or the detailed 6 six-inch maps can be viewed, depending on the level of zoom used.

The following maps may be overlaid over the base map:
The Ordnance Survey 1842 overview map of Clare;
The Ordnance Survey 1842 six-inch maps of Clare.

See the main GenMaps Help page for more information on changing maps...






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