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Ernest de Regge (1901-1958)

Catalogue of Compositions
Compiled by Ghislaine de Regge 2/2/2008
Note: * indicates pieces listed on Copac Records with associated publication information (
Note: Manuscript finished (camera-ready copy), stencils (copies for choir members)
22 Irish songs a capella published for schools by Amran Chomhchantana
23 Irish songs published by Aire Oideachtais
19 Piano pieces (also piano and violin, piano and harp)
  3 Masses
39 pieces of church music
  7 Christmas songs
18 Songs with English words
  4 Songs with Flemish words
  2 Organ pieces
85 Songs in Irish in manuscript format (some may have been included in other categories)
  1 Textbook Uraiceacht Ceoil (The Rudiments of Music) with M.O. Siochfhradha [Pub. Oific an tSolathair, Dublin]

In Irish
Series of 22 songs for 2, 3 or 4 voices with commentary in Irish Baile Átha Cliath : Oifig Díolta Foilseacháin Rialtais,   Amhráin chómhchantana
M. Ó Siochfhradha co-author
  1. Peata an Mhaoir      
  2. Samhradh      
  3. Ag bun ros na coille *(Copac #6)      
  4. Udhacht Phaidin Thoirdhealbhaigh      
  5. Torramh an bhairile      
  6. Fainne geal an lae*(Copac #48)      
  7. An cailin deas ruadh* (Copac #24)      
  8. An tuirnin lin      
  9. Bliain s an taca so* (Copac #19)      
  10. Cailin na gruaige duinne* (Copac #25)      
  11. Cnocainin aerach chill mhuire* (Copac #11)      
  12. Cumha eoghain ruaidh ui neill*(Copac #36)      
  13. Dan-mholadh na gaedhilge*(Copac #37)      
  14. Fagham aris an cruiscin*(Copac #47)      
  15. Meath na gCarad      
  16. Ataim Sinte ar do Thuamba* (Copac #18)      
  17. Abha na laoi * (Copac #1)      
  18. An coisire* (Copac #34)      
  19. A raib ghil mhilis      
  20. Cill chais* (Copac #30)      
  21. Droichead na tuaire*(Copac #40)      
  22. Sean buidhe      
Irish Songs Published by Irish State TITLE PUBLISHER DATE REMARKS
  1. Ag bun ros na coille * (Copac #5) Aire Oideachtais   Song with piano acc.
  2. An paisdin fionn     Song for 3 parts
  2. An Tarngreacht * (Copac #11)     Three-part song
  3. An Tuabhar ar dtuis* (Copac #12)     Song for four voices
  4. As Eirinn ni neorainn ce hi     Song for three parts (ded to Paddy Gill)
  5. Aonach Chille Disirt     Song for SA
  6. An tuabhar ar dtuis     Song for 4 voices
  8. Ceithre hamhran gheilge* (Copac #28, #29)
    Uail-ghuth on aoibhnis
    Deirin de
    Aonach chille disirt
    Teacht na ngeana fiadhaine
    4 songs for 3 voices (ded to Helena Coppieters_
  9. Ceithre cinn damhrain ghaeilge* (Copac #26, #27)
    Gleann beag laghach an cheoil
    A bhuachaill Shasta suidhte
    S i an bhlath-bhruinneall
    Cois laoi na sreabh
  1949 Songs in 4 parts (SATB)
(ded, to Canon Hamilton)
  10. Concainin aeracg chill muire   1936 Song with piano acc.
  11. Do rinneadh aisling aerach* (Copac #39, #38)   1939 Song with piano acc.
  12. Einin n cheoil* (Copac #41, #42)   1954 Song for 3 voices S A1, A2
  13. Eoghan coir* (Copac #45, #46)   1937 Song with piano acc.
  14. Eirghe na gealaighe* (Copac #43, #44)   1936
Piano only (ded to S. MacNiocaill)
  15. Leather away the wattle o     Song for 3 parts
  16. Mar mheath uaim     Song for 3 parts S1 S2 A
  17. Mar mheath uaim   1937 Song with piano acc.
  18. Moirin ni chuileannain     Song for 3 parts S A1 A2
  19. Mo theaghlach     Song with harp acc.
  20. Ros deiridh an tsamhraidh* (Copac #22, #23)   1939 7 variations Ded . Bishop Fogarty
  21. Rosc catha na mimhan   1939 Song with piano acc
  22. Se Amhrain Ghaedhilge* (Copac #8)
    Jimmy mo mhile stor
    Pearla an bhrollaigh bhain
    Mairin de barra
    Mo theaghlach
    Cailin deas cruidhte na mbo
    Slan le maigh
    Songs for 3 equal voices
  23. Uail[ghuth an aoibhnis     Song for 4 mixed voices SATB
PIANO 1. Amran I n-eagmais na bhocal bunighte ar fhonn gaolach (Song without words upon an Irish folksong Maison Cnudde
1934 Piano (ded to Paul Gilson)
  2. Allegro Manuscript 1932  
  2. Minuetto Grazioso W. Paxton & Co. London   Piano (ded to My mother)
  3. I once loved a boy (Petrie)
    Cailleac an t-sura
  4. Introduction
Funeral March
Manuscript 1934 With notes to Gilson
  5. Irish Melodies arranged for the piano (24) manuscript 1942  
  6. Little Waltz
    Good Humor
manuscript 1936 Edits by Gilson
  7. Menuet Manuscript 1935  
  8. Melody (based on Schumann) Manuscript 1932  
  9.Se sean-mhionaiti gaolacha
    Six old Irish minuets
    Gan teideal
    Petrie 1183
    Mionait bhaintighearna ui ghorduin
    Bruach loch eirne
    Na pos sean-rhear coidhche
    An sean-chuilin
Oifig an tsolathain, Dublin    
  10. No title Manuscript 1935 Copious notes by Gilson
  11. Rondo #4 Manuscript 1939 Corrections and notes by Gilson
Piano duet 12. Scherzo based on Redowa: duet for pianoforte Manuscript    
  13. Sonaid (Sonata in four parts based on Irish airs) : 1. Sonaid
          2. Larghetto
          3. Mionaoit
          4. Rondo
  1940 First prize an tOireachtas
  14. Sonata in Fa (on an Irish theme) Manuscript   Notes and corrections by Gilson
Piano and harp 15. The Harp of My Country Manuscript unfinished 1939 Arranged with piano also harp accompanyment
  16. Study in accciacatura playing Manuscript 1932  
Violin and piano 17. Toirbheirt Buidheach Manuscript finished 1948 Violin and piano
  18. Stil an Phoitin Manuscript finished 1948 Violin and piano
  19. Jig Manuscript finished 1948 Violin and piano
MASSES 1. Mass in Honor of Blessed Oliver Plunkett manuscript 1947 For Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass with Organ
  2. Missa in Honorem Sancti Michaelis Manuscript (Finished 1929 Individual partitures for SATB
  Missa in Honorem Sancti Michaelis Manuscript (finished)
Handwritten handouts for choir
1929 Complete work w organ
Ded. To Bishop Fogarty
  3. Mass Salve Regina (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei)
Manuscript (many corrections)
  Soprano and Alto
Tenor and Bass
  1. Ecce Sacerdos Magnus Manuscript and stencils 1935 SA+ TB with organ (ded to Bishop Fogarty)
  2. Ecce Sacerdos   1955 SA+TB with organ(Ded to Bishop. Rogers)
  3. Ave Maria Manuscript (finished) and several drafts with corrections 1936 SATB
  4. Ave Maria arranged for four mixed parts-words by Lord Byron Manuscript with corrections 1956 SATB
  5. Ave Verum: Motet for four voices Manuscript (finished) +one draft with corrections 1933 SATB
  6. Ave Verum Manuscript +stencils   Three voices +organ
Ded to Canon Quinn
  7. Chorus Christus Vincit Manuscript finished 1925 Organ or piano?
  8. O Bone Jesu-for three equal voices Manuscript finished +stencil 1935 S1 S2 Alto
Ded to My dear parents in memoriam
  9. O Miles Ad Esto for solo, choir and organ Manuscript finished+ stencils and several drafts with corrections 1933 Ded to Honore Coppieters
Broadcast Sacred Concert 1930
  10. O Sacrum Convivium for four unequal voices Manuscript finished
1935 SATB with organ
  11. Laudate Dominum for four unequal voices Manuscript finished 1930 First performance visit of Papal Nuncio.
  12. Ego sum Panis vitae, solo Manuscript finished 1941 Solo Val Cosgrave
Sacred Concert 1941
  13. O-Blatis Manuscript   Melody only
  14. Gaudens Gaudebo Stencils only    
  15. Panis Angelicus Soprano or Tenor solo with organ Photocopy of manuscript (finished)    
  16. Te Deum Stencils only    
  17. Regina Coeli Stencils only    
  18. Alleluia Stencil only 1935  
  19. Et Incarnatus Est Stencil only for Tenor and Bass    
  20. Glory now to thee be given (Choral) Manuscript for tenor part only    
  21. O Salutaris Stencil only 1954  
  22. O Salutaris, Tantum Ergo, Cor Jesu Manuscript 1943 S A organ
  23. Prelude, O Salutaris, Tantum Ergo1, 2, Prelude 1, 2, Laudate Dominum Manuscript finished    
  24. O Salutaris Manuscript finished with previous draft and corrections 1936 SATB with organ
  25. O Salutaris Manuscript + stencil 1938  
  27.O Salutaris Manuscript 1933 SA1A2 T B and organ
Broadcast Concert
  28.O Salutaris Manuscript with handwritten partitures for SATB 1932 SATB
  29.O Salutaris Hostia Manuscript 1932 S A1 A2 TB
  30. O Salutaris Manuscript   SAATB with organ
  31. O Salutaris Manuscript   One voice with organ
  32. O Salutaris Manuscript finished   Bass solo and organ
  33. O Salutaris Manuscript 1942  
  34. Tantum Ergo Manuscript with corrections 1930  
  35. Tantum Ergo #1, 2, 3 Manuscript finished
With previous draft
1932 SATB 
  36. Tantum Ergo Manuscript   SATB
  37. Tantum Ergo Manuscript    
  38. Tantum Ergo unison or four parts Stencils 1957 SATB
  39. Tantum Ergo (canon in fifths)   1942  
CHRISTMAS SONGS 1. Christ was born on Christmas Day stencil 1956  
  2. From Heaven’n High Stencil 1954  
  3. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Manuscript (with corrections) 1957?  
  4. Puer Natus in Jerusalem (Chorale) Manuscript (finished) 1937 Solo, choir and organ
  5. A Solis ortus cardine Manuscript (finished) with earlier version 1930 Solo and organ
  6. Adeste Fidelis -Chorus Manuscript finished 1926 Piano partiture: SATB
  7. Et Incarnatus Est Stencil only   Tenor & Bass only
SONGS WITH ENGLISH WORDS 1. Absence (song for soprano or tenor with piano Manuscript finished 1941 1st prize Feis Ceoil 1941
  2. Cradle Song for soprano and piano Manuscript finished   Words by W. Blake
  3. A Nation Once Again Manuscript    
  4. Far Westward Lies an Isle (voice and piano) Manuscript (submitted to Paxton-published?) 1953 Words by St. Donatus
  5. Go, Lovely Rose (sing in concert form) Manuscript finished   Words by E. Waller
  6. Hail Glorious Saint Patrick Manuscript with corrections and commentary 1932 S1A1S2A2 T1 T2 B1
  7. Hymn for An Tostal Stencils SATB 1953 Words by Justice Gleeson
  8. Hymn for the Marian Year Stencils 1953 Words from the Pope’s prayer
  9. Last Words (soprano or tenor and piano) Manuscript finished   Words by W. M. Praed
  10. Let Erin Remember the days of old Manuscript 1954 S1 S2 Bass
  11. Long Ago Manuscript with corrections 1936 piano
  12. O’Connell’s Song Manuscript (preliminary draft)    
  13. Oh the sight entrancing (arrangment for solo voice and pianoforte Manuscript + 1952 Thomas Moore collection
  14. Oh, the sight entrancing (SATB) Stencils 1953 Performed at An Tostal concert
  15. How Pleasant Sweet Birdies for solo and piano Manuscript with corrections by Gilson /Mortelmans 1933  
  16. Wreath the Bowl (SATB) Manuscript finished   Moore’s Melodies
  17. The Men of the West (solo and piano)   1954 Air “eoghan coir)
  18. The Violet A Weekes & CoLtd, London 1928 Words by Jane Taylor
SONGS IN FLEMISH 1. Liefde Lied (Love Song)
2. In uw ogen blinkt een straal
Manuscript finished    
  3. De Schmid (The Blacksmith) Manuscript (preliminary draft) 1935  
  4. Lied over de dood (Song about Death) Manuscript (preliminary draft w notes by Gilson) 1931  
ORGAN 1. Scherzo for Organ (based on an Irish melody Manuscript finished    
  2. O Love Divine Manuscript finished 1936 Sacred Concert 1936
  I. Tri-hamhrain ghaeilge
    1. Nbo na leath adhairce * (Copac #20, #21)
    2. Pe nEirinn I
    3. Uaill ghuth an aoibhnis
Manuscript Published 1954 SATB 
  II. Leabhar dAmhranta Gaedhealacha
    1. An Cad-Druimean Og
    2. An Maidrin Ruadh* (Copac #9)
    3. A Phur na gCuach
    4. An Tuirnin Lin
    5. Nach Aoibhinn Do Sna nEinini
    6. An Pairdin Fionn* (Copac #10)
    7. Uall Ghut an Aoibhnis
    8. Gleann Cam* (Copac #49, #50)
    9. Leather Away the Wattle O
  10. An carabhat
Manuscript with corrections Notes:
pieces re-written and submitted



1936 - 1942 S1 S2 A1
  3. Eibhlin a ruin (piano version and also T B1 B2 + piano version) Manuscripts finished 1940  
  4. Roisin Dubh (Piano and bass) Manuscript finished   Piano and bass
  5. Donnchadh Ruadh I dTalamh-an Eisc
Red Dennis in the Land of the Fishes
Manuscript     Tenor and piano 
  6. Mar Mheath Uaim
7. Pearla an Bhrollaigh Bhain (Two Gaelic songs for voice with the small Irish harp)
Manuscript finished    Voice and harp  
  8. Maire Bheil-Atha- hAmrais   1939 SA Bass
  9. Torramh an Bharaille (piano and voice) #5 Chomhchantana 1949  
  10. Deirin De     SA
Prize 1944 
  11. Cnocainin aerach chill Mhuire (Piano)* Copac #31 First of two versions
  12. A Cheol-Chuit Mo Thire   1949 Two voices
  13. Fainne Geal a Lae Preliminary draft   Two voices
  14. Beidh Aonach Amaireach
Amran A Phiobaire
Manuscript finished    Two voices 
  15. As Truagh Gan Peata An Mhaoir Agum Manuscript finished 1949 Two voices SA
First Prize
  16. Sme Raiteachas Na Tarngreacht   1931 S1S2 A1 A2
  17. Original melody on Irish text for 3 equal voices (ex children) Manuscript w corrections 1940 S1 S2 A
  18. Nach aoibh do Sna Hemini Preliminary draft 1937  
  19. An Sprid Preliminary draft, rev 1935 1931 S1 S2 A1
  20. Gkeann beag Laghach an Cheoil (SABass) Manuscript 1939 First Prize 1939
  21. Seoladh na nGamhna sa bhFasach Manuscript   For three voices
  22. A Bhruinnillin Bheusach Manuscript 1946? For three voices
  23. Cronan na mBheach Original unaccompanied three part song (SSA) with Irish words suitable for school choirs   For three voices
  24. Ag an mBoithrin Buidhe * Manuscript (Pub. Copac # 2 #3) 1937 S1 S2 A
  25. Suantraide Manuscript   For three voices
  26. A Mhaire, a Ghradh Manuscript /Note: Published 1937 S1 S2 A1
  27. An Raibh tu ag an gCarraig? Manuscript finished   SATB
  28. Raiteachas na Tairngreacht Manuscript (Two versions) 1931 S1 S2 A1 A2
  29. Seaghan O Duibhir a Gleanna Manuscript   S1 S2 A1
  30 Cailin na Gruiage Donne Manuscript w notes Gilson 1931 Three voices
  31. Dan-Moladh na Gaedhilge Manuscript (Note:Published 1932 Three voices
  32. Slan le Maig Manuscript 1931 Three voices
  33. Aithrighe Sheaghain de nOrdha Manuscript w corrections 1931 Three voices
  34. Sreath Tri Amhran Gaedhilge
    1. Raiteachas na Tairngreacht (SATB)
    2. An Pairdin Fionn (T1, T2, B1, B2)
    3. An Coisre (T1 T2 B1 B2)
    4. A Mhaire a Ghradh (SATB)
    5. Pe nEirinn I (SATB)
Manuscript /revised 1944    
  39. Uaill Guth an Aoibnis (S1 S2 A)
40 Seaghan O Duibhir a Gleanna (S1S2A)
41. An Cailin Deas Og
Manuscript finished  1951?  Three voices  
  42. Droichead na Tuaire #21 Chomhchantana   Three voices
  43. An t-Uabhar ar dTuis Manuscript (Note Published) 1936 Four voices
  44. An Caol-Druimean Og
45. Luibin na mBuclai
46. A Phlur na gCuach
47. Dan Mholadh na Gaedhilge
Manuscript /Note accepted for pub.
By Mac Leamore
1946  Three voices 
  48. Ar Eirinn ni Neosoinn ce hi* (Copac #17) Manuscript /Note: Included in book of 12 songs
1931  S1 S2 A 
  49. Sliabh na mBan Manuscript /Note: Included in book of 12 songs 1931
  50. Slan agus Beannacht le Buaidhreadh an gSaoghail Manuscript finished   Three voices
  51. Ceanadus A tSloig (tenor and piano) Manuscript finished    
  52. Baboro Manuscript (section is missing)   Voice and piano
  53. Da amrain I geoir an guta agus clairsig
    1. An Ceardinel
    2. Ceanadus a tSloigh
Manuscript finished 1941 First Prize Feis Ceoil 1941
Soprano and harp
  55. A Spailpin a Riuin Manuscript w minor corrections
  Voice and piano
  56. Torramh an Bharaille Manuscript finished
#5 Chomhchantana
  Tenor and piano 
  57. Maidean I mBeara Manuscript preliminary work 1937  
  58. Cill Chais Manuscript preliminary work   Voice and harp
  59. An Coisre
60. A Spailpin a Ruin
Manuscript preliminary work  
W corrections by Gilson
  Voice and piano 
  61. A Spailpin a Ruin Manuscript finished    
  62. An Cat agus an tEan Manuscript finished    
  63. A Bhruinnillin Bheusach Manuscript finished   Three voices
  64. An tLoncholnadh Manuscript finished   Three voices
  65. Fainne Geal an Lae Manuscript w corrections 1939 Soprano voices
  66. Mairin de Barra Manuscript finished   Bass and piano
  67. A Ceol-Chruit Mo Tire Manuscript finished 1938
Piano and alto 
  68. Droichead na Tuaire Manuscript finished 1935
Piano SA 
  69. Bi Meadhrach a Bhanba Manuscript 1948 Tenor and piano
First prize 1948
  70. Cronan na mBeach Manuscript 1948 One voice
  71. Imithe Manuscript   Voice and piano
  72. Cait ni Dhuibhir Manuscript finished   Piano and tenor
  73. Bride Manuscript finished   Voice and piano
  74. A Spailpin a Ruin Manuscript finished   Piano and soprano
  75. An Beinnsin Luachra Manuscript finished   Contralto and piano
  76. The Poitin Still Manuscript preliminary w notes by Gilson 1933  
  77. Slainte na nGaodhal Manuscript preliminary work 1933  
  78. Cailin Leag na Luachra Manuscript finished   Piano and voice
  79. Inghean an Phailitinig Manuscript with corrections    
  80. Inghean an Fhaoit On nGleann Manuscript finished   Voice and piano
  81. An Samhradh Cruaidh Manuscript finished   Voice and piano
  82. Irish song with piano accompaniment Manuscript preliminary work    
  83. Fuinn na Smol Manuscript preliminary work 1931 Voice and piano
  84. Na Rasanna Manuscripts finished version 1944 T B1 B2
  85. An Cailin Deas Og Manuscript + judges comments 1951? S1 S2 A
TEXTBOOK Uireacht Ceoil (The Rudiments of Music) Published by Oifig an tSolathair, Dublin 1953 Michael Sugrue, co author
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