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Mountievers District Electoral Division

Residents recorded in the 1901 Census

Townland Parish
Ballintlea North Kilfintinan
Ballintlea South Kilfintinan
Ballybroughan Kilfintinan
Ballyliddan East Kilfintinan
Ballyliddan West Kilfintinan
Ballyroe Kilfinaghta
Ballyroe Kilfintinan
Bunnabinnia North Kilfinaghta
Bunnabinnia South Kilfinaghta
Calluragh Kilfintinan
Cappanalaght Kilfinaghta
Cappanalaght Kilfintinan
Carrowmore Kilfintinan
Carrownerribul Kilfintinan
Castlequarter Kilfintinan
Clogga Kilfinaghta
Corlea Kilfinaghta
Fortwilliam Kilfinaghta
Fortwilliam Kilfintinan
Gallowshill Kilfintinan
Gortnanool Kilfintinan
Heathmount Kilfintinan
Ieverstown Kilfinaghta
Island Kilfintinan
Kilnacreagh Kilfinaghta
Knockroe Kilfintinan
Mountievers Kilfintinan
Mountievers Kilfinaghta
Reaskcamoge Kilfinaghta


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