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Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1845


Barony of Islands

A barony of the county of Clare, Munster. It is bounded, on the north, by Inchiquin; on the east, by Bunratty; on the south, by Clonderalaw and on the west, by Moyarta and Ibrickane. Its greatest length, eastward, is 11 miles; its greatest breadth is 8; and its area is 67,101 acres, 1 rood, 34 perches, —of which 3,471 acres, 1 rood, are tideway of the Fergus, and 3,932 acres, 1 rood, 17 perches are water. The river and estuary of the Fergus form the whole of the eastern boundary; and the entire surface declines toward these waters. The western district is chiefly low moorish mountain; but the eastern district contains a share of the rich grazing lands called Corcasses, and is similar in soil to the barony of Bunratty. —The barony of Islands contains the parishes of Clare-Abbey, Clondegad, Dromcliffe, Killone, and Kilmealy. Its towns are Ennis and Clare. Pop., in 1831, 29,264; in 1841, 29,264. Houses 4,426. Families employed chiefly in agriculture, 3,055; in manufactures and trade, 1,119; in other pursuits, 824. Males at and above 5 years of age who could read and write, 5,260; who could read but not write, 1,463; who could neither read nor write, 5,740. Females at and above 5 years of age who could read and write, 2,647; who could read but not write, 2,063; who could neither read nor write, 8,329. —Islands lies wholly within the Poor-law union of Ennis. The total number of tenements valued, exclusive of those in the borough of Ennis, is 2,257; and of these 962 were valued under 5, —636, under 10, —234, under 15, —118, under 20, —101, under 25, —29, under 30, —46, under 40, —41, under 50, —and 90, at and above 50.

The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1845
Courtesy of Clare Local Studies Project

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