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Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1845


O'Brien's-Bridge parish

A parish in the barony of Lower Tulla, Co. Clare, Munster. It contains the villages of BRIDGETOWN and O’BRIEN’S-BRIDGE. Length, southward, 6 miles; breadth, from ½ to 3¼; area, 11,425 acres, 29 perches,—of which 2,772 acres, 2 roods, 19 perches form a detached district of 3 miles by 2, lying ¾ of a mile west-south-west of the south-western extremity of the main body, and 56 acres, 1 rood, 23 perches are in the river Shannon. Pop., in 1841, of the whole, 4,995; of the rural districts, 4,349. Houses in the whole, 814; in the rural districts, 700. The northern and narrow district of the main body, down to a point a little south of the centre, is almost wholly mountainous and waste; and contains three heights of respectively 1,729, 1,458, and 1,181 feet of altitude above sea-level. The western part of the detached district is also considerably upland, and has at its extremity a height of 875 feet of altitude above sea-level. The other districts, though occasionally warmed into pleasantness with wood and cultivation, prevailingly consist of poor and sandy land. The Shannon bounds the east side of the main body over a distance of 1½ mile; and contains the island of Innislosky. The Inchalughoge rivulet bounds the northern extremity of the main body; and runs there upon an elevation of 675 feet above sea-level. A rivulet which bounds most of the east side of the main body to the Shannon, descends, while on the boundary, from an elevation of 518 feet. The hamlets in the parish are Ballyvoursher, Monaglee, Ballydaw, and Ballinamona, in the main body, and Trough in the detached district. The seats are Clonboy-house, Fahy-house, Ross-house, Millview, Fisher’s-lodge, and Millbrook, in the main body, and Trough-cottage in the detached district. The prinicipal antiquities are the ruins of Aharinagh-castle, of another castle, of Redfield-house, and of a church. The road from Killaloe to Limerick passes through the interior. This parish was formerly part of the parish of Killaloe, but is now a perpetual curacy, and a separate benefice, in the dio. of Killaloe. Glebe, £4 10s. Gross income, £73 15s. 1d.; nett, £71 18s. 1d. Patrons, the dean and chapter of Killaloe. The tithes are appropriated to the patrons. The church is situated at the village of O’Brien’s-Bridge, and was built in 1820, by means of a gift of £830 15s. 4½ d. from the late Board of First Fruits. Sittings 150; attendance 95. The Roman Catholic chapels at Bridgetown and Trough have an attendance of respectively 960 and 300. All the other statistics are mixed up with those of the parish of KILLALOE.

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The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1845
Courtesy of Clare Local Studies Project

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