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Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1845



(a) SCARIFF (THE), a rivulet of the north-western district of the county of Clare, Munster. It issues from Lough Teroig, on the mutual boundary of Clare and Galway; runs 3¼ miles south-west to Lough Graney; is lost, for 2 miles southward, in that lake; runs 4 miles south-south-eastward thence to Lough O'Grady; and, after reissuing from that lake, proceeds 3¾ miles eastward, past the villages of Scariff and Tomgraney, to the head of Scariff bay, in Lough Derg. It usually bears the name of the Graney river above Lough O'Grady; and its principal affluents are the Loughrea rivulet at the foot of Lough Graney, and the Cloghaun rivulet into the head or west end of Lough O'Grady. The Commissioners for improving the navigation of the river Shannon proposed to effect changes upon the navigable capacities of the Scariff, which were estimated to cost £4,133 11s. 6d.; and they say, in reference to these:- "The river is at present navigable during those portions of the year when the water is nearly as high as the banks, for barks of 50 tons burthen; but in summer, owing to a rocky shoal extending to about half-a-mile below Reddin's-quay, together with a few shoals of mud and gravel lower down the river, and the bar at its mouth, composed chiefly of marl, the navigation is impracticable; as also in winter, during the high floods, at which time the banks being covered with water, the course of the river cannot be discerned. As the towns referred to have a great tract of rich agricultural land in their neighbourhood, including the valley of the Feacle, and as the design for regulating the height of the water in Lough Derg embraces the lowering of the waters to the summer level, it is proposed to cut away the shoals in this portion of the river to the level of 6 inches below the upper sill of Killaloe lock, to straighten and improve the river's course, to construct a harbour (suitable to the present wants of the towns of Tomgraney and Scariff) at Reddin's-quay, from which a short road may be formed to connect the harbour with these towns; and also to erect two beacons at the mouth of the river to mark its entrance."

(b) SCARIFF, a small market and post town in the parish of Tomgraney, barony of Upper Tulla, co. Clare, Munster. It stands on the river Scariff, and at the intersection of the road from Mount-Shannon to Ennis, with that from Killaloe to Galway, ¾ of a mile north-north-east of the village of Tomgraney, 4 miles west-south-west of Mount-Shannon, 7¼ north-north-west of Killaloe, 12 south-south-west of Woodford, 21 south-west of Portumna, and 94½ west-south-west of Dublin. The immediately surrounding country is interesting and highly picturesque; and within a mile of the town are the seats of Moynoe-house, Sir J. Reid, Drewsborough, Mr. Drew, Raheen-house, the Rev. B. Brady, and Ballyvannon-house. The town itself, however, is very poor, and contains scarcely one good house. A Roman Catholic chapel stands at its north end; and a Poor-law workhouse stands between it and Tomgraney. Fairs are held on Jan. 5, Feb. 1 and 27, March 4, April 3, May 1, June 3, July 5, Aug. 3 and 27, Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Nov. 4, and Dec. 9. A court of petty-sessions is held on the second Wednesday of every month. Area of the town, 26 acres. Pop., in 1831, 761; in 1841, 656. Houses 99. Families employed chiefly in agriculture, 38; in manufactures and trade, 71; in other pursuits, 10. Families dependent chiefly on property and professions, 6; on the directing of labour, 73; on their own manual labour, 38; on means not specified, 2.

The Scariff Poor-law union ranks as the 58th, and was declared on July 25, 1839. It lies partly in co. Galway, but chiefly in co. Clare; and comprehends an area of 108,976 acres; which contained, in 1831, a pop. of 47,894. Its electoral divisions, together with their respective pop., in 1831, are in co. Galway, Woodford, 4,000,¾and Clonrush, 3,084; in co. Galway and co. Clare, Mount-Shannon, 2,198; and in co. Clare, Scariff, 6,836, Ogonelloe, 2,966,¾Killaloe, 6,296,¾Killuran, 2,942, ¾Kilnoe, 3,314,¾Tulla, 7,514, and Feacle, 8,744. The number of ex-officio guardians is 8, and of elected guardians 26; and 4 of the latter are elected by each of the divisions of Scariff, Tulla, and Feacle, 3 by the division of Killaloe, 2 by each of the divisions of Ogonelloe, Killuran, Kilnoe, Woodford, and Clonrush, and 1 by the division of Mount-Shannon. The divisions of Clonrush and Woodford are in the barony of Leitrim; the division of Mount-Shannon is in the baronies of Leitrim and Upper Tulla; the divisions of Killaloe, Killuran, and Ogonelloe are in the barony of Lower Tulla; and the divisions of Scariff, Kilnoe, Tulla, and Feacle are in the barony of Upper Tulla. The number of valued tenements within the Leitrim districts is 925,¾within the Lower Tulla districts, 1,640,¾within the Upper Tulla districts, 2,612, ¾within the entire union, 5,177; and of this total, 3,020 were valued under £5,¾945, under £10,¾447, under £15,¾252, under £20,¾160, under £25,¾89, under £30,¾93, under £40,¾65, under £50,¾and 106, at and above £50. The total nett annual value of the property rated is £44,609 12s. 8d.; the total number of persons rated is 5,176; and of these, 1,380 were rated for a valuation not exceeding £1,¾632, not exceeding £2,¾339, not exceeding £4,¾and 298, not exceeding £5. The workhouse was contracted for on April 30, 1840,¾to be completed in Sept. 1841,¾to cost £6,400 for building and completion, and £1,050 for fittings and contingencies,¾to occupy a site of 6 acres, purchased for £350,¾and to contain accommodation for 600 pauper. The date of the first admission of paupers was May 11, 1842; the total expenditure thence till Feb. 6, 1843, was £1,642 11s. 7½d.; and the total previous expenditure was £1,107 9s. 2½d. The number of pauper inmates on Dec. 2, 1843, was 53. The only medical charities within the union are dispensaries at Scariff, Killaloe, and Tulla. The Scariff dispensary serves for a district containing a pop. of 15,432; and, in 1839-40.

The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1845
Courtesy of Clare Local Studies Project

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