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St Senan


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Viking Invasions

Visit of the Spanish Armada

Population Growth and Decline

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Scattery Today

Lloyd's Tour of Clare 1780

Inniscattery - a description in 1837

Inniscattery - a description in 1845

The coming of Christianity to Clare

Inhabitants of Scattery Island (from the earliest recorded times to the 1940s)

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Small map of Scattery Island

Scattery Island, lying at the mouth of the River Shannon near Kilrush, in south west Clare, has a rich and unusual history. It has been an ecclesiastical centre since early times A monastery, reputedly founded there by St Senan in the sixth century, suffered under the Vikings in the ninth and tenth centuries and was largely destroyed in Tudor times. Scattery has also served as a place of safe harbour for the Spanish Armada and as a defense outpost for the English government. The island has been uninhabited since 1978.

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