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Places of Interest

  • SMITHSTOWN TOWER HOUSE was built by one of the MacNamara family, probably in the late sixteenth century. During the siege of Bunratty in 1646, the tower house was used as a munitions and supplies depot by the Confederate Army and it is recorded that the English who were holding Bunratty successfully raided Smithstown in early April of that year.

  • TULLYVARRAGA is probably derived from TULACH NA FARRAIGE, the hill of the sea. The hill according to tradition was an ancient school site. No physical remains are known to exist; the school may have been an eighteenth - century hedge school in contravention of the Penal Laws.

  • TULLYVARRAGA and the War of Independence. The house of John Hastings in Tullyvarraga survived until recent years when it was burnt to the ground. During the War of Independence, it was a "safe house" for the East Clare Brigade. It was here that the British Brigadier - General Lucas was held for some time following his capture.