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Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1845


St. Patricks

This parish is partly in the borough of Limerick, partly in the barony of Clanwilliam and county of Limerick, and partly in the barony of Lower Bunratty and county of Clare. It includes the district in the suburbs of Limerick denominated the Chapelry of Singland; and it bears in the Bunratty section the name of the Kilquane district. Length, 4 miles; breadth, 2 . Area of the borough section, 722 acres, - of which 83 acres are water. Area of the Clanwilliam section, 793 acres. Area of the Bunratty section, 3,894 acres, - of which 85 acres are water. Pop. of the whole, in 1831, 2,331; in 1841, 4,132. Houses 656. Pop., in 1841, of the borough section, 885; of the Clanwilliam section, 1,166; of the Bunratty section, 2,081. Houses in the three sections, respectively 139, 203, and 314. The surface is bisected by the Shannon. One half of the land south of the river is upland, or what is provincially termed mountainous; and the other half is all profitable. The section north of the river contains the village of Ardnacrusha, and the mansions and villas of Stream-Mount, Springhill, Annegrove, Ballyglass, Fairyhill, Queenville, Queensborough, and White-hall. St. Patrick’s is a rectory, in the dio. of Limerick. Tithe composition, exclusive of the Kilquane district, 341 10s. 8d. The rectories of St. Patrick, Cahiravalla, and Emlygrennan, constitute the benefice of St. Patrick, and the corps of the treasureship of Limerick cathedral. The parishes are not contiguous. Pop., in 1831, 3,794. Gross income, 701 10s 8d.; nett, 541 3s. 5d.; - but these sums are exclusive of respectively 80 6s. 2d., and 69 10s. 4 d., specially connected with the treasureship. Patron, the diocesan. The incumbent holds also the sinecure rectory and prebend of Kilmacdonough, in the dio. of Cloyne. Within the parish of St. Patrick is the perpetual curacy of Kilquane. Two curates for the occasional duties of Cahiravalla and Emlygrennan have each a salary of 5. There is no church except that of Kilquane. The Roman Catholic chapel of St. Patrick has an attendance of about 700; and, in the Roman Catholic parochial arrangement, is united to the chapels of St. John and Kilmurry. There are Roman Catholic chapels also in Kilquane and Cahiravalla. In 1834, the parishioners of St. Patrick’s, exclusive of the curacy of Kilquane, consisted of 51 Churchmen, 7 Protestant dissenters, and 2,360 Roman Catholics; a Roman Catholic Sunday school was usually attended by about 300 children; and 2 pay daily schools had on their books 74 boys and 29 girls.

The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1845
Courtesy of Clare Local Studies Project

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