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Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1845


Barony of Tulla or Tullagh Upper

A barony in the north-east of the county of Clare, Munster. It is bounded, on the north-west, the north, and the north-east, by the county of Galway; on the east, by the county of Galway, the bay of Scariff, and the barony of Lower Tulla; on the south-east and the south, by the barony of Lower Tulla; and on the south-west and the west, by the barony of Upper Bunratty. Its greatest length, south-south-westward, is 14 miles; its greatest breadth, in the opposite direction, is 11; and its area is 96,730 acres, 1 rood, 11 perches, of which 2,911 acres, 29 perches are water. A large proportion of the surface is mountainous and moorish upland, of small value in its present condition, but capable of being, at a moderate expense, well reclaimed and made very valuable by means of enclosing, draining, liming, top-burning, and irrigating. The principal summits in the north are seven of respectively 990, 1,312, 992, 724, 1,028, 448, and 589 feet of altitude above sea-level; the principal in the east are three of respectively 1,028, 944, and 765 feet of altitude; the principal in the south are four of respectively 541, 818, 1,019, and 308 feet of altitude; and the principal in the west are four of respectively 533, 1,064, 755, and 829 feet of altitude. Part of the water area is in a portion of Scariff bay; and most of the remainder is in Loughs O’Grady, Bridget, Anilloon, Kilgory, Culausheeda, Ea, and Graney. The Act 6 and 7 William IV, cap. 84, transferred the whole of the parish of Kilmurry, and the whole of the parish of Kilfinaghta, with the exception of the townland of South Bunnabia, from Upper Tulla to Lower Bunratty, pop., in 1841, 4,433; and the townlands of Cappaghduff and Knockaphart, in the parish of Inniscultra, from Upper Tulla to the barony of Leitrim in co. Galway, pop., in 1841, 182. The barony of Upper Tulla, as at present constituted, contains part of the parish of Inniscaltra, and the whole of the parishes of Feacle, Kilnoe, Moynoe, Tomgraney, and Tulla. The principal villages are Scariff, Tulla, Tomgraney, Feacle, and Baurroe. Pop., in 1841, 30,186. Houses 4,865. Families employed chiefly in agriculture, 4,320; in manufactures and trade, 619; in other pursuits, 241. Families dependent chiefly on property and professions, 72; on the directing of labour, 1,015; on their own manual labour, 4,001; on means not specified, 92. Males at and above 5 years of age who could read and write, 4,476; who could read but not write, 1,859; who could neither read nor write, 6,892. Females at and above 5 years of age who could read and write, 1,660; who could read but not write, 2,437; who could neither read nor write, 8,710. Upper Tulla is distributed among the Poor-law unions of Scariff, Limerick, and Ennis. The total number of valued tenements is 2,824; and of these, 1,482 are valued under 5, 515, under 10, 256, under 16, 188, under 20, 144, under 25, 67, under 30, 78, under 40, 44, under 50, and 80, at and above 50.

The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1845
Courtesy of Clare Local Studies Project

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