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Theresa Cooney
Recorded in Conway’s Bar, Mullagh July 1976

Carroll Mackenzie Collection


I’m an exile boy who was far, far away
In a wild Australian shore.
When first by cruel tyranny
To leave my native home.
I lived in green old Ireland
Far away across the main.
But the landlord drove me from my cot,
My home near Castlemaine.

In my boyhood days when I knew no care
How joyfully I played.
In its field so green and beautiful,
It grows a silvery plain.
But alas, alas those days are gone,
I no longer can remain.
But I must go full of grief and woe
From you sunny Castlemaine.

 “Castlemaine is a small town in Kerry, to the north east of Kilorglin. As well as being the home of the immigrant-turned bushranger Jack Duggan in ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’, in this song it is the home place of an immigrant forced to leave Ireland by the evictions which followed the Great Famine. This song probably dates back to the end of the 19th century.”
Jim Carroll

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