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Come Home, Come Home
Micheál Conway
Recorded in Conway’s Bar, Mullagh, September 1973

Carroll Mackenzie Collection


Come home, come home, o’er the wide ocean foam,
To the mother that’s grieving for you.
There’s no spot in God’s earth, like the place of your birth,
There’s no sky like the dear Irish bloom.

No heart will you find, like that one left behind,
In that cabin thatched whitewashed and low.
At the top of that winding boreen,
Where the grass and the hawthorn grow.

Sure it’s many’s the day since you went far away,
From the mother that’s loved you so true.
Sure my poor eyes are dim, from the watching and tears,
For those long weary years I am grieving for you.

Sure it’s not the gold, I am wanting at all,
That you’re sending from over the sea.
For I love you far more, than the earth’s golden store,
It’s yourself I am longing to see.

I ask God on earth, e’re I’m laid ‘neath the sun,
That one glimpse of your face I might see.
Sure He’ll answer my prayer, for I know you’ll come home;
It’s yourself I am wanting mo chroí.

Oh come back to me, a stór a mo chroí,
For it’s lonely my heart is and sore.
To think the broad ocean between you and me,
And you on a cold stranger's floor.
To think the broad ocean between you and me,
And you on a cold stranger's floor.

“I was surprised to be unable to find any trace of this; it seemed familiar enough from my childhood and early youth. Certainly songs of this type, referred to by my father as ‘mother and home songs’ were to be had in abundance throughout the first half of the twentieth century and even later, as I remember from being crouched over the wireless listening to the crackly signal from Radio Éireann and Radio Athlone.”
Jim Carroll

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