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Ellen, Miss Brew
Pat MacNamara
Kilshanny, near Ennistymon
Recorded in Considine’s Bar, Kilshanny, August 1975

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Pat McNamara

As I roved out walking of a fine summer’s day,
'Twas backwards to Miltown, sure, I chanced for to stray,
I beheld a fair damsel, as fair as you knew,
Her name wrote in plain words was Ellen, Miss Brew.

And I asked her most kindly now, the time of the day,
She quickly made me an answer, twas a quarter past two,
And I thanked her for her kindness, she’s my darling Miss Brew.

Now I walked along sure, but badly inclined,
I could scarcely take a step without looking behind,
For an angel most fine, sure, appeared in my view,
And then I bethought her, my darling Miss Brew.

Sure I hastened home; sure I hastened to bed,
I scarcely on my pillow where I lay down my head,
And that angel most fine, sure, appeared in my view,
But still I bethought her my darling Miss Brew.

Ah and now I’m a long time confined to my bed,
And as for my ailment sure, I’m plain for to tell,
Her offers they is coming, no good can they do,
For she left me broken hearted, she’s my darling Miss Brew.

Oh then, Ellen my darling, my flower and my dear,
How happy I’d be if you only was here,
We would both join in wedlocks, until death would prove true,
And how happy I’d be in the arms of you.

"We can find no reference to this, but the mention to ‘Miltown’ suggests it might be a locally made song. Pat made several songs based on local people, so it could possibly be one of his own compositions."
Jim Carroll

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