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Farewell to Bellharbour
Katie Droney
Recorded in Clancy’s Bar, Miltown Malbay, during the Willie Clancy Summer School July 1978

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Katie Droney

Farewell to you oh sweet Bellharbour,
My tears are falling for you like rain.
I can’t forget you from night till morning,
There are many charms around the place.

When I am sleeping my heart is breaking,
And when I waken I shed a tear.
‘Tis for your sake, oh sweet Bellharbour,
I’m in love with you throughout the year.

The Burren mountains, they do surround us,
And crystal fountains do flow in streams.
In that fertile valley stands the ancient abbey,
Where lies thousands of the Roman creed.

We have grand scenery round Bellharbour,
And fruitful gardens down by the sea.
The noblest gentry from Lisdoonvarna,
To to our ancient harbour they come to see.

In sense and reason I mean to praise you,
We have convenience of turf and weed.
We have the blacksmith, likewise the tailor,
To clothe the naked from the piercing breeze.

So now to conclude as I feel uneasy,
I’ll soon be leaving this country.
But I hope to return to sweet Bellharbour
And see the neighbours and grá mó chroí.

"A locally-made song in praise of a village in North Clare on the edge of Galway Bay. There is no indication of who made it or when it was composed; Katie appears to have been the only singer to have had it."
Jim Carroll

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