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Farewell to Lissycasey
(Roud 3072)
Siney Crotty
Ross, Kilbaha
Recorded in London, date unknown

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Siney Crotty

Faretheewell to Lissycasey, it’s the cradle of my birth,
And faretheewell to Ennis town where there’s plenty fun and mirth.
Not forgetting Killadysart, with its woodlands ever-green,
For it’s many the pleasant afternoon, I spent with my colleen.

I sailed from Londonderry in April forty-two,
Bound for Philadelphie, my fortune to pursue,
I bid farewell to all fair maids and the girl I did adore,
That I left quite broken-hearted in the Parish of Knockmore.

On board that ship, about half way out, a letter I’ll pen down,
And every word that I’ll pen down, I’ll wet it with a tear.
It’s coming from a broken heart, who ne’er had woe before,
Since I parted with Delia Murphy in the Parish of Knockmore.

As I gaze onto the ocean, I think of Knockalough so blue,
Cahermurphy Hills and Kilrush Woods, most charming for to view.
Kilmihil and Sorrell Island, where the poteen is made galore,
But there’s none of those bad spirits allowed in the Parish of Knockmore.

In bottle tight I’ll seal that note, in case the ship goes down,
And nobody there will hear of it, until that message is found.
Some earthly breeze might steal its course, unto some foreign shore,
And somebody there might be kind enough, to send it to Knockmore.


“An excellent example of a locally composed ‘pride of place’ song (see notes to 'Beautiful Town of Kilrush' for discussion of the genre). County Clare has an abundance of home-made songs, many of them, like this one, on the affection felt for the home place of the composer and the pain of having to emigrate.”
Jim Carroll

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