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Hills of Shanaway
Winifred Walsh
Killernan, Miltown Malbay
Recorded in August 1974

Carroll Mackenzie Collection


In my mind I have a picture of a spot that I adore;
It’s the place where I was born and I’ll treasure ever more.
Sure my father and my mother, truly were a fine old pair,
And believe me when I’ll tell you this, I’ve not forgotten Clare.

It’s well I do remember when I was young and free,
I use to stroll round Spanish Point that proud spot by the sea.
That spot went down in history, you’ll find it in folklore,
Where the Spanish great Armada, was wrecked upon her shore.

Oh since I left old Emerald Isle, it always was my plan,
To go back again to Ireland and marry some Miltown man.
But in the good old USA, Cupid’s just the same,
Before I had a chance to think McGreevey changed my name.

Oh someday I’ll go back again, to the land that gave me birth.
On the west coast of Ireland the grandest place on earth.
And if I have plenty of money, sure it’s there I’ll settle down,
On the lovely hills of Shanaway, near lovely old Miltown.

“An anonymous song composed in praise of the singer’s home area.”
Jim Carroll

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