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I Don’t Care if I Do
(Roud 847)
Mikey Kelleher
Quilty and Depford, London
Recorded in London, 1977

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Mikey Kelleher

My name is Dan Murphy, a farmer am I,
I courted a lassie I felt rather shy.
She bid me come in for a moment or two,
By-damn, says myself I don’t mind if I do.

I entered the kitchen it was cosy and bright,
And the fine hearty supper I put out a-sight.
She says have a drop of the old mountain dew,
By-dad says myself I don’t care if I do.

When the supper was finished they picked up my hat,
She said poor old Danny don’t leave me like that.
Why don’t you cuddle like everyone do,
By-dad says myself I don’t care if I do.

I squez her and kissed her to our heart delight,
And she afterwards asked me to make her my bride.
She says I’ve a cow and an acre or two.
By damn says I, I don’t mind if I do.

Early next morning to the church to be wed.
The priest upped the book in his hand and he said:
‘Let you take old Nellie, and Nellie’ll take you.’
By damn says myself, I don’t mind if I do.

“Sometimes entitled ‘Joe Muggins’, this possibly originated either on a broadside or in the music halls. It has been found in Ireland, Britain, the US and Canada.”
Jim Carroll

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