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Ireland Far Away
Pat MacNamara
Kilshanny, near Ennistymon
Recorded in Kilshanny, July 1975

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Pat McNamara

We're going away from Ireland, we’re leaving in the shamrock shore.
Crossing the foam from our Irish home, that land we do adore.
Young hearts being sad, the weather being bad, which caused our crops to fail.
And to better our lot, we are leaving our cot in dear old Granuaile.

In foreign lands we have often heard of wealth in great galore,
The darkest hour before the dawn the brighter day’s in store.
We have willing hearts and will in heart, we’ll toil both night and day,
And we’ll not forget the friends we left in Ireland far away.

So we’re going away from Ireland after many years of time
And sure we shall return, to our own dear native isle.
Now Barney Moore will play his pipes, as he did in days of yore.
And we’ll dance a few good Irish sets, around our cabin floor.

“Also known as ‘Dear Old Granuale’, for a change this song, possibly incomplete, takes a somewhat up-beat attitude to emigration. We could find no other versions.”
Jim Carroll

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