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Ireland I Love You
Winifred Walsh
Killernan, Miltown Malbay
Recorded in August 1974

Carroll Mackenzie Collection


Far o’er the sea, there’s a little green island.
Ireland’s ‘tis called, ‘tis a sweet name to me.
And while I live, it will always be my land,
Though many miles from our shores I may be.

Home of my childhood I’ll think of you ever,
You in my thoughts every night, every day.
And like a sweetheart I’ll see again never,
My heart is with you so far, far away.

Ireland I love you, acushla mo chroí.
And though her shores I may never more see.
Always will you be remembered by me,
Ireland I love you, acushla mo chroí.

Somehow the skies of old Erin seems bluer,
Somehow her meadows and dales are more fair.
Somehow the hearts of her children are truer,
Somehow my happiness seems to be there.

Ah, dear old isle there is one heart that loves you,
Always and ever, dear gem of the sea.
Far by the stars that looked down from above you,
Ireland I love you, acushla mo chroí.

"'Ireland, I Love You (Acushla Machree)' was composed by Raymond A. Browne in 1900. Although he was an extremely prolific writer of popular songs, there appears to be no information on him other than lists of his compositions."
Jim Carroll

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