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Lovely Old Miltown
Peggy McMahon
Cloonlaheen, Doolough
Recorded in singer's home, August 2000

Carroll Mackenzie Collection


My countrymen, I take my pen, to write a verse or two,
And as I leave to cross the seas, I bid my last adieu.
Our splendid boat is now afloat, on fire we’re sailing down,
And as I leave, my heart it grieves, for lovely old Miltown.

Could I but see old Clounlaheen or Knocknaboula plain.
Mount Callan hills where oft I've been, to chime the glad refrain.
O'er mountainside, I roamed with pride, and plenty of renown,
And I've been there at many a fair, in lovely old Miltown.

Many nights I've spent in sweet content, with lads and lassies gay.
And songs were sung by old and young, before I went away.
Amerikay, though far away, in Philadelphie town,
But I'll not forget the fond friends that I met lovely old Miltown.

So fair thee well to hills and dales, and to my comrades fair.
And twice farewell to my own dear lad, I left in County Clare.
St Patrick's Day, though far way, the shamrock I will drown,
When I think of thee, my grá mo chroí, in lovely old Miltown.


Conversation after song between Peggy McMahon, Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie:
Jim Carroll: Lovely, thank you.
Peggy McMahon: That was nice.
Jim: Would you know where that song came from?
Peggy: Ah sure that was the song made by O’Hayes
Jim: Where did you hear it from?
Peggy: Ah sure I know it all my life, I know since I was little, it was one of the songs that was sung. I didn’t even know who wrote it until recently.

"A locally-composed song based on a Donegal song 'Lovely Old Fintown'. The air is used for several songs, including 'Hills of Glenswilly’, 'Glenswilly', 'Homes of Donegal'... etc."
Jim Carroll

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