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Mac and Shanahan
Martin Reidy
Tullaghaboy, Connolly
Recorded at the Willie Clancy Summer School, July 1980

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Martin Reidy

Farewell our gallant patriot boys, the last and fond adieu,
In early age our Irish boys were bound to part with you.
It breaks our heart, indeed it does, as everybody know,
And adieu to you MacNamara, and Shanahan of Doughmore.

‘Twas early dark and evil days to unite our native land,
At every meeting you were there for to lend a helping hand.
With voice and pen you staggered on, you fought with heart and sword;
We have lost two Irish loving boys, brave boys you are no more.

It was the fair day of Doonbeg those two boys marched along,
Onto the village of Newtown, where they went to seek a home.
They had not long arrived there and hardly gone to sleep,
When they heard the tramp of Black and Tans marching to Reidy’s street.

‘Twas there our boys were captured and that without delay,
And carried off by Black and Tans at the dawning of the day.
First they moved them to Kilrush and these words to them did say:
‘Let us know the names of your comrades, and you both may have your way.’
They removed them on to Ennis and they tortured them on the way,
And they shot our Captain MacNamara and beside him Shanahan lay.

At this the news went steadily around that our west Clare boys lay low,
They met their death at Ennis where they got their deadly blow.
In the Doonbeg grave they were laid to rest in that holy Christmas Day,
And for the souls of those brave boys each one of you shall pray.


"Martin Reidy sang this at a house dance in the 1930s and was approached by the brother of Micho MacNamara and thanked for the song."
Jim Carroll

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