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Mary Cassidy
Martin Reidy
Tullaghaboy, Connolly
Recorded in Marrinan’s Bar, Miltown Malbay during the Willie Clancy Summer School,
July 1975
Written by Francis A. Fahy
Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Martin Reidy

My little Mary Cassidy is the cause of all my misery,
And the reason I’m not now, the boy I used to be.
She beat the world over that we read about in history,
And half the countryside is at loss of her and me.

Travel Ireland up and down, in village, bally, val and town,
More fairer than the cailín donn you’re looking for in vain.
I would rather live in poverty with little Mary Cassidy
Than an emperor without her over Germany or Spain.

It was at the dance at Dermody’s, when first I caught a sight of her,
And heard her sing the dream ‘bout, as tears came from me eyes.
And ever since the blessed out, I am dreaming day and night of her,
And the devil a wink a sleep I caught from bedtime till I rise.

Cheeks like the rose in June, songs like the lark in tune.
Working, rest be night and noon, she never leaves my mind.
Until she’s by my cabin-side since little Mary Cassidy,
Till little days of happiness I’m sure I’ll ever find.

Take all the world today, both kin and in care away,
Shipped in towards some foreign sea or to some ??
Leave me an orphan there but leave me Mary Cassidy
We never would be lonely with the two of us alone.


“This was composed by Kinvara born songwriter, Francis Fahy (1854-1935). See also notes to ‘Galway Bay’ and ‘The Queen of Connemara’.”
Jim Carroll

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