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New Year’s Anthem
(Roud 22854)
Martin Reidy
Tullaghaboy, Connolly
Recorded in singer’s home, October 1977

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Martin Reidy

My countrymen awake, arise!
Your work begins anew.
Your mingled voices rend the skies,
Your hearts are firm and true.
You bravely marched and nobly met
And this our green isle through;
But now my friends, there’s something yet,
For Irishmen to do!

As long as Erin hear the clink
Of base ignoble chains.
Or as long as one detested link,
Of foreign rule remain.
As long as of our rightful debt
One smallest fraction due,
Or so long my friends, there’s something yet,
For Irishmen to do!

There is not a man in all our land
Our country now can spare.
The strong man with his sinewy hand
And the weak man with his prayer.
No whining tones of mere regret
Young Irish bards, for you;
But let your songs teach Ireland yet
What Irishmen can do!

And where so ever that duty lay,
There, there, by post should be.
The coward slave was never freed,
The brave alone are free.
Oh, freedoms, firmly fixed are set,
Our longing eyes on you.
But home, my friends we’ll teach them yet,
What Irishmen can do!


“There is no other trace of this, so it may have come from one of the songbooks Martin acquired in Ennis when he was young. ‘Straighty’ Flanagan also had it.”
Jim Carroll

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