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 Old Ireland Free Once More
Pat MacNamara
Kilshanny, near Ennistymon
Recorded in Kilshanny, summer 1975

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Pat McNamara

Oh then Erin’s Isle, my heart’s delight, how I long to see you free.
But well I know your hero sons, old soldiers heart for thee,
O’Connell being that hero’s name, being well known from shore to shore,
Then grádh mo chroí, I long to see old Ireland free once more.

Oh then England was my place of birth, sure I love her languid shores,
And bonny Scotland was my home, her mountains I’d adore,
But pleasant days in both I spent, but I’ve dreamed of days to come,
Come steer me back to Erin, for Erin is my home.

And I have roamed through many of lands and many a friend I met,
But only one kind secret now can my poor heart forget,
For I long to see you so impressed, but what can I do more?
Then grádh mo chroí, sure, we long to see old Ireland free once more.


“Although this shares a title with and echoes the sentiment of another song (Roud 5204) it is a totally different song from the one popularly sung:

Last night I had a pleasant dream, though restless where I be
I dreamt again, brave Irishmen, had set old Ireland free
And how excited I became, when I heard the cannons roar
Oh grá mo Críodh, I long to see, old Ireland free once more.

We have been unable find another example of this.”
Jim Carroll

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