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Quilty Man's Dream
Martin Junior Crehan
Bonavilla, Mullagh
Recorded 1987

Carroll Mackenzie Collection  

Martin Junior Crehan

I was born and raised in Quilty in a home beside the sea,
And of all the places that I have been ’tis there I’d like to be.
‘Tis there I spent my youthful days and ’tis there I’d like to die.
You may ask me why I left that place, now I’ll tell you the reason why.

The sea it claimed my father’s life when I was young and small.
My mother’s heart, it almost broke, “What will I do at all?
I have ten helpless little ones on this world we are thrown.
Oh Mother Mary, help me now, ochón, ochón, mo bhrón.”

“Now mother dear dry up your tears, God’s holy will is done.
Our father died out on the tide at the setting of the sun.
And here and now I’ll make a vow, that I’ll do all I can,
And some day, le cúnamh Dé, I hope to be a man.”

So I left my home in Quilty when I was just eighteen,
I joined the British Navy in the Service of the Queen.
Poverty, it is no crime, and my tears they down did flow,
When I left my home, by the raging foam, in Quilty long ago.

Each night before I went to sleep, I thought that I could see
The boys and girls at Quilty Cross and they dancing in Crumleigh.
I thought I heard John Fennell’s flute, Paddy Galvin on the bow,
But sure I was far from Quilty then, from the rince and the ceól.

Every Monday morning I would take my pen in hand,
And send my weekly wages to my mother in Ireland.
To help her keep those helpless ones from hunger, grief and woe,
In that lovely land in Quilty where the three-leafed shamrocks grow.

I was thinking, always thinking, by night as well as day,
I was thinking of the green fields in that land so far away,
I was thinking of the sandhills and the castle down below.
In that lovely land in Quilty where the three-leafed shamrocks grow.

‘Tis in Quilty I was born and ‘tis there I’d like to die,
And if my ship goes down at sea I would ask my God on high,
To steer my body o’er the waves and to Troghwater shore
And let you lay me down near Quilty Town to sleep forevermore.


"This is one of Junior’s own compositions, though it is not in any way autobiographical."
Jim Carroll

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