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Shores of Americay
(Roud 13737)
Unnamed singer
Mount Scott, Mullagh
Recorded in the 1960s

Carroll Mackenzie Collection


I’ll be bidding farewell to the land of my youth,
And a home that I loved so well,
To its mountains grand of my own native land,
I'll be bidding them all farewell.
With an aching heart I'll bid them adieu,
For tomorrow I'll sail far away,
O'er the raging foam to seek a home,
On the shores of Amerikay.

And when I am bidding my last farewell,
The tears like rain will blind,
To think of the friends in my own native land,
And the home I am leaving behind.
And if I'm to die in a far distant land,
And be buried so far, far away,
No fond mother's tears will be shed o'er my grave,
On the shores of Amerikay


“Despite its huge popularity, there appears to be no record of this song’s origins or authorship.”
Jim Carroll

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