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The Home I Left Behind
Ollie Conway
Recorded in Conway’s Bar, Mullagh, September 1973

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Ollie Conway and JJ Lenihan

I was born on the hillside by yonder flowing stream.
And deeply pictured in my mind, fond memories, thoughts and dreams.
It oft-times nearly breaks my heart and gives me a troubled mind,
When I think of dear old Ireland and the home I left behind.

It was early next morning with a sad and broken heart.
I stood upon my father's floor saying 'tis sad we both must part.
With my mother's arms around my neck as the tears from her eyes did blind,
As I tore out from her arms in the home I left behind.

As I drove along through Ireland, till I came to Queenstown Bay.
It was there I saw a steamer, bound for Americay.
It was there I saw a steamer bound for a foreign clime,
And 'twas there I took a fond good look on the home I left behind.

And since I landed in New York strange faces I have known.
But there's none so fair or dear to me as the ones I left at home.
And when I'm filled with shining gold and a girl to be my bride,
I'll roll her in my arms in the home I left behind


"Though there are numerous examples of present-day singers performing this beautiful emigration song, there are no readily available printed versions and its origins appear to be untraceable."
Jim Carroll

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