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The Man with the Nose
(Roud V3051)
Micho Rusell
Doonagore, Doolin

Recorded in Doolin c.1977
Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Micho Russell

And a wonderful tale I’m now bound to disclose,
Concerning a man with a very large nose,
With an elephant’s trunk that reaches his toes,
And with it he’d deal out some terrible blows.

This wonderful chap is ‘bout nine feet high,
With a comical squint and a mouth all a-wire.
Though brawny his arms, his legs are so light,
That he’d give a spring and jump clear out of sight.

This chap wore a hat with a ring like a basin,
With a ring wide enough for a donkey to race in,
Such a deuce of a fellow was he to take snuff
That a pound at a pinch was hardly enough.

At last came a sailor with courage in store
And said he would tackle this long-snouted boar,
But the nose made him hop like a grim Panteloon,
And tossed him so high he went back through the moon.

The people were all engaging in fear,
When they saw the poor sailor’s course upper steer,
They took to their heels and they made their way clear,
Ah, a blow from his nose would make them feel queer.

A guard from the Queen at last made a gap,
Through the door of the house of this terrible chap,
They found him in bed just taking a nap
With his nose round his head instead of a cap.

They crept up one by one on the floor,
I think in all, there was near sixty score,
They tried to secure him, but marked by the boar,
He jumped through the roof and was never seen more.


“One of the many comic songs on outstanding physical features, Micho’s song seems to be the only oral example of this, all others appearing on English or Scottish 19th century broadsides and songsters, usually under the title, ‘The Wonderful Nose’. It made its first, and possibly its only appearance in Ireland in 1845 in ‘The Dublin Comic Songster’.”
Jim Carroll

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