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The Shannon Scheme
(Roud 18468)
Nonie Lynch
Mount Scott, Mullagh
Recorded January 1992 by Tom Munnelly for the Department of Irish Folklore, UCD

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Nonie Lynch

If I were Homer, the ancient roamer,
I’d write a poem on a noble theme,
And I’d sing the story and praise the glory
Of that wondrous project, The Shannon Scheme.

In Ballyalley, ‘neath oak and sally,
I sat me down and I dreamed a dream,
Of more employment and more enjoyment
And happier homes through The Shannon Scheme.

‘Twill light our houses, ‘twill stitch our blouses,
‘Twill milk our cows and ‘twill churn the cream,
‘Twill reap and mow sir, ‘twill spin and sow sir,
This wondrous project, The Shannon Scheme.

In boats and barges as wide and large as
The Grecian Argos, that ship of fame,
And from old Portroe sir, to Killaloe sir,
The slates will come through The Shannon Scheme.

So lads and lasses, fill high your glasses,
And drink a toast to that noble scheme,
And praise those statesmen, those wise and brave men
Who boldly tackled The Shannon Scheme.

Written by Sylvester Boland in 1927.


The Shannon Scheme for the Electrification of the Irish Free State, by harnessing the fall in the River Shannon between Killaloe and Limerick, was commenced in 1925 and completed in 1929 and, within six years was supplying 85% of Ireland’s electricity requirements. This song was written in 1927 by Sylvester Boland; Nonie Lynch appears to be the only singer to have it.

This recording was made by Tom Munnelly in 1992 as we thought that the quality of our own later recording did not do justice to the singer.

The above commentary, lyrics and recording are taken from ‘Around the Hills of Clare: Songs and Recitations from the Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie Collection’ (2004) Musical Traditions Records MTCD331-2/Góilín Records 005-6

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