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The Titanic
(Roud 18475)
Jamesie McCarthy
Mount Scott, Mullagh
Recorded in Conway’s Bar, Mullagh, July 1976

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Jamesie McCarthy

You landsmen all, on you I call, and gallant seamen too,
When I relate on this sad fate of the passengers and crew,
On board of the Titanic that lately did sail o’er,
In joy and cheer, in going their way, their fortune to pursue.

The Titanic called at Queenstown upon a Thursday,
And eight hundred emigrants from Ireland sailed away.
Their hearts were light and merry as on their deck did stand,
But little was their notion some would ne’er again see land.

For four long days she ploughed the sea, as everyone have read,
And at ten o’clock that fatal night our ship struck an iceberg.
Some passengers being in their beds, they received an awful shock,
When the captain shouted from the bridge, “I fear our ship is lost.”

When the ship struck the iceberg it was mournful to see;
Each mother rushing frantically trying to save her family.
When the crew of the Titanic did all his best to save
The women and the children all from a watery grave.

In other lands the grief is all for wealthy millionaires;
But still our Irish lads went down with braver hearts than theirs.
Although in consecrated clay they are not laid to rest,
And they’ll never be forgotten in the green isle of the west.

And for their calm repose with God I continually pray,
A loving last and long farewell to them till judgement day.


"The sinking of the Titanic on 14th April 1912, described at the time as 'the most appalling shipping disaster in the history of the world', gave rise to a great number of songs. According to D K Wilgus, 70 have been collected, 14 of which were found in Ireland. I have been unable to find another example of this particular version, though it does have some similarity to an Irish broadside entitled ‘The Sorrowful Lamentation on the Loss of the North Star’."

The above commentary, lyrics and recording are taken from ‘Around the Hills of Clare: Songs and Recitations from the Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie Collection’ (2004) Musical Traditions Records MTCD331-2/Góilín Records 005-6.

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