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Tirmanagh Hill
Michael Hehir
Tirmanagh Hill, Treanmanagh near Mullagh
Recorded in singer’s home, 2012

Carroll Mackenzie Collection


One summer’s evening for recreation, I took a stroll to Tirmanagh Hill,
To view the sceneries that did surround it, when animation my heart did fill.
To rhyme a song and to sing the praises, is my intention as if I can,
With education I do not claim it, and sure it’s wantin’ to rhyme a song.

From those lofty hills you can view some sceneries, that can’t be beaten in County Clare.
You can see Miltown Malbay, the town of Galway, far-famed Mount Callan and Kerry Bay.
With lakes and groves, it is surrounded sure every sportsman is welcome there,
To shoot some grouse, woodcock or pheasant, or with his greyhound to hunt the hare.
Likewise the angler, and trout and salmon, and conger eel, his bag can fill;
There is always welcome and entertainment, for every stranger at Tirmanagh Hill.

On a Sunday evening the lads and lassies, they’d take a stroll to Tirmanagh Cross;
In the shady groves they’d sit with pleasure, and each man courting their comely lass.
Their hearts align to dance a quadrille, or an Irish jig as the music thrills;
From the violin strings which are played melodious, by the man who lives at Tirmanagh Hill.

And the lovely sceneries of which I’ve spoken are fast declining from a view.
I am tired and I’m weary, but not uneasy, but a longed-for promise I will fulfil;
May a thousand blessings may shower down on you, so fare thee well, sweet Tirmanagh Hill.


Conversation after song between Michael Hehir, Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie:
Jim: Can you tell me again who made that song?
Michael: Anthony Frawley, the man that was above here that came from Beltard, himself and his sister and his brother – two brothers and a sister – and the three of them used play music. But, Anthony Frawley and Paddy Comber’s father – ‘tis they that made up the song.

"Composed locally by Anthony Frawley of Baltard, Tirmanagh, and Paddy Comber of Mullagh, probably around the end of the 19th century."
Jim Carroll

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