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Tobins of Kilmaley
Nora Cleary
The Hand, near Miltown Malbay
Recorded in singer’s home

Carroll Mackenzie Collection

Nora Cleary

There’s a place in Kilmaley ‘tis a grand place to be.
When Jim Tobin’s is open for a Sunday night spree.
With O’Loughlin and Eustace, Paddy Murphy likewise,
Sure they’d gladden the poor heart of any young boys.

They come from Mount Callan, Kilnamona and Inch,
And most of them go there, their thirst for to quench.
Between brandy and whiskey and porter galore,
Until one in the crowd would let off a great roar.

Now I’ve come back from exile this place I must see,
It has such a good name of music and spree.
With the three great musicians I long for to hear,
In a pub called Jim Tobins that’s in Kilmaley.

The players from Miltown and Quilty come there,
To compete in the music of the great County Clare.
They’re a grand crowd be-god when you know them so well,
This is from my heart so the truth I will tell.

Come on men of Kilmaley where ever you be,
Will you please stand a moment and listen to me.
Wander back to some well-beloved spot in your dream,
Like my own beloved birth place that’s called Kilmaley.

And when my time is ended and I can’t dance no more,
I’ll come back to old Ireland and the ones I adore.
And my last dying wish I hope you’ll fulfil,
To bury me decent in Kilmaley Hill.


“Nora's house, now derelict and overgrown to the point of invisibility, still stands at the side of the Ennis Road, a little distance west from The Hand Cross; a few miles further on is Tobin’s Bar, Kilmaley. Nora composed this song in praise of the pleasant times she spent there and as a tribute to the singers, musicians and locals who frequented it and were part of that pleasure.”
Jim Carroll

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