4 Minds
by Diarmuid O'Twohighk
Mill Road, Ennis.
Limestone, 1997

"The concept of "Four Minds" is based on a philosophical
theme involving a combination of early Greek and Christian
thought.  Each head endeavours to protray a personal belief
or understanding of Being in the World, or as the German
philosopher Martin Heidegger used "Dasein and Zeit" -
"Being and time".
  1. Head one - the concept or spirit of "Care" or Cura
    in Latin and Sorge in German.
  2. Head two - the concept of spirit of tranquility and
  3. Head three - the concept of Anxiety or Angst that is
    part of Being in the World.
  4. Head four - the concept of the sensual or desire for
    totality of Being.

The use of the joined hands beneath each head endeavours
to express the mediative Christian will towards unity of
Mind and Spirit.

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Ennis Sculpture Initiative