Weathered Woman
Josť Croft
Barrack St., Ennis
Limestone, 1998

Weathered Woman was made for Ennis as a seated sculpture
where one might sit with 'her' reading or in quite contemplation,
or in the case of small children, climbing onto her back or lap
Who is Weathered Woman? Weathered by what? Weathered
is whoever we want her to be.  She represents all of us
'weathered' by life, and she remains the boulder weathered by
water, wind, heat, cold . . . .
Weathered Woman was designed for a quite, sunny position in
a sun trap as the play of light and shadow is an integral part of
the sculpture and sun traps are precious outdoor seating areas
in this country!  However, in her current position she is in shade
all afternoon.
Ireland has an ancient and rich heritage of stonework: all these
provide constant inspiration especially the simple and stylised
forms of the Celtic and mediaeval works where the expression
of an idea is more important that realistic representation.  Particularly
inspiring always are natural stone formations, especially in areas such
as the Burren, here in County Clare.
Josť Croft was educated in Australia, receiving a Diploma in Fine
Arts in 1976.  Although she has worked with stone in building and
gardening construction, it is only recently that she has turned to stone

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