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The Clare Anthology Book Cover
The Clare Anthology

CLASP Press, 1999, Hardback, pp 264
ISBN: 1 900545 11 X, Price: €27.00

The Clare Anthology contains a selection of prose and verse by native Clare writers and visitors to the county.

A mixture of fact and fiction, the material covers various aspects of the county's past including folklore, sport, politics and romance. The diversity of both authors and subject matter produces a lively and engaging picture of the daily life and special occurrences which helped to shape County Clare and its people.

An Admiral sails for the navy in Spain,
A miner from Quin finds fortune and fame,
A man sells his pony in Tír na nÓg,
A poetry-smitten widow, an executioner rogue.

An Iceman in Ennis, West Clare in the dock,
The nun who hid guns under her frock,
Ghosts at Hag's Head and witchcraft in Feakle,
The O'Briens, MacNamaras - and ordinary people.

If you're searching for Dev, or the Warrior Carty,
The scandalous daughter of the Widow Mullarkey,
For hurling or racing or after-hours beer,
If you're looking for Clare, search no more, its here!
Kieran Sheedy is a native of Feakle. His published works include Upon the Mercy of the Government (1988), Feakle, a History (1990), The Clare Elections (1993) and The United Irishmen of Clare (1990).

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