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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

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Marriages 1855

Transcribed by Marianne McGough

L.C. = ’Limerick Chronicle’
C.J = ‘Clare Journal’
D.E.M. = ‘Dublin Evening Mail’
C.F. = ‘Clare Freeman’

L.C. 1 August 1855
At Kilmaley Church, Mr Vincent Bearyman, Kilbricken Mines, to Jane, daughter of Mr, John F. Harvey, North-field cottage, Kilmaley.

See: Vandeleur

See: Smithwick

L.C., 31 March 1855
In St. George’s church, Dublin, by the Rev D. Stuart, William Bindon Blood, Esq, eldest son of the late Bindon Blood, Esq, of Cranaher, county Clare, to Maria Augusta, eldest daughter of Robert Henry Persse, Esq, and grand-daughter of the late Robert Persse, Esq, of Roxborough and Castle Boy, county Galway.

L.C., 28 February 1855
In Kilkee church, Samuel Bourke, Esq, Thomastown, to Lizzie, daughter of Thomas Lucas Cox, Esq, Clarefield.

See: Purchase

See: Paterson

See: O’Brien

See: Craddock

See: Roughan

See: Fogarty

L.C., 16 May 1855
Yesterday, at Ennis, by the Rev Mr Newport, Mr. Garrett Carroll, of Lower Cecil Street Limerick, to Kate, eldest daughter of Michael McNamara, Esq, Merchant.

L.C., 4 April 1855
At Miltown Malbay Church, on 21st April inst., Alexander, son of Francis Casey, Esq, to Aphra, eldest daughter of John Locke, Esq, Dublin.

L.C., 31 March 1855
Alicia, seventh daughter of Mr George Chadwick, Cavan, to Mr. David Smith, of Ennis, county Clare.

See: MacAdam

See: Stritch

See: Bourke

L.C., 25 July 1855
Yesterday, at St. Michael’s Church, by the Rev Mathew Moore, rector of Caherconlish, Richard W. Cradock, Esq, late Captain 17th Regt. Foot, and of Hartforth, Yorkshire, to Ismena Helen, second daughter of John Brown, Esq, of Clonboy, Clare, J.P. and of George-street, in this city. The splendid bridal cake and Dejeuner was provided by Mr. John F. Goggin, of George’s Street, in his usual good taste and recherche style. The happy pair left for Killarney to enjoy the Honeymoon.

L.C., 21 February 1855
In Kilrush, on the 11th inst., at the house of the bride’s father, by the Rev P. Moran, John Culligan, Esq, Tarbert, to Anne, daughter of Bartholomew Glynn, Esq.

See: Shannon

L.C., 31 January 1855
In Dublin, Mr. Michael Davoren, late of Lisdoonvarna, to Anastasia, daughter of Mr. John Scott, late of Limerick.

See: Wakeham

See: Studdert

See: Hanna

L.C., 8 August 1855
In St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, yesterday, Stephen Fletcher, Esq, to Emily, daughter of the late Rev John Whitley, D.D., chancellor of Killaloe.

L.C., 3 May 1855
At Bruff, yesterday morning, by the Very Rev Robert Cussen, P.P., Cornelius Fogarty, Esq, Green Cottage, to Anna, youngest daughter of the late Patrick Carmody, Esq, Ennis.

L.C., 24 January 1855
On Tuesday 23rd January inst., at Willbrook, county Clare by the Right Rev Dr Fallon, Lord Bishop of Kilmacduagh and Kilfenora, assisted by the Rev S. Welsh, P.P., Corofin, James Frost, Esq, Ballymorris, county Clare, to Bedilla, eldest daughter of Augustine Moran, Esq.

See: Jones

See: Molony

See: Rigby

See: Culligan

L.C., 3 May 1855
On Monday last, at the church of Kilmurry, Clonderlaw, by the Rev Richard Studdert, Captain Francis Gore, of the Clare Militia, and of Tyredagh castle, county of Clare, to Ellen, daughter of George Studdert, Esq. J.P., of Clonderlaw. The happy pair were attended to and from the altar by one hundred of the relatives and friends of the respective families, who partook of an elegant dejeuner at Clonderlaw house. The bride and bride groom left at 4 o’clock, via Limerick, en route to the county of Wicklow.

L.C., 12 December 1855
This day, by her cousin, the Rev John Massy, at St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Samuel Hanna, Esq, Resident Magistrate, Carrick-on-Suir, to Jemima, only daughter of the late Rev. James Charles Fitzgerald, of Shepperton, county Clare, grand-daughter of the late Robert Maunsell, Esq, of this city.

See: Bearyman

L.C., 3 May 1855
In Ennis, on Sunday, Serjeant Major Hewson, Clare Militia, (late 49th Regt.) to Fanny, daughter to the late Sergeant Major Morony, of the former Clare Militia.

See: Studdert

See: Roche

D.E.M., 3 December 1855
November 29th, at Bray Church, by the Rev. Robert Pakenham, rector of Celbridge, Commander William Gore Jones, R.N., son of John Gore Jones, Esq, of Rockly, County Sligo, to Arabella Meliora, third daughter of Thomas Furnell, Esq, of Heatherwick, county Clare.

See: O’Donnell

C.F., 1 December 1855
Mathew Kenny, Esq, of Ennis, solicitor, to Elizabeth daughter of Thomas McNamara, Esq, Corbally.

L.C., 7 November 1855
At New York, Mr. Coleman Lahan, of Cork, to Ellen, daughter of Michael Quinlivan, Esq, Ballyroughan, and sister to the Rev. Michael Quinlivan, Newmarket-on-Fergus.

L.C., 7 November 1855
November 3, by Archdeacon Whitty, by licence, at Ennistymon Church, John Lamb, Esq, B.N.I., to Louisa Mary, second daughter of John Wilson Pollen, Esq, late Captain of H.M. 48th Regiment of Foot.

L.C., 6 October 1855
Bunnell Lewis, Esq. Professor of Latin, Queen’s College, Cork, to Jane, daughter of the late Rev. J. Whitley, D.D., Chancellor of Killaloe.

See: Casey

L.C., 17 January 1855
On Thursday 11th inst. at Christ Church, Doncaster, by the Rev Dr Sharpe, Vicar, Thomas Stannard MacAdam, Esq, Captain 3d, West York Light Infantry, and eldest son of Philip MacAdam, Esq, of Springhill, county Clare, to Elizabeth Chivers daughter of the late John Seddon Bower, Esq., of Broxholm house, Doncaster.

L.C., 28 July 1855
At Kilmaley, county Clare, Mr James Macnamara, to Miss Mary Maley.

See: Macnamara

L.C., 21 March 1855
In Iowa, U.S., Dr N. B. Mathews, to Annie, daughter of the late Patrick O’Halloran, Esq, of Kilnegrana, Clare.

See: Carroll

C.F., 1 December 1855
On the 24th inst., by the Rev Mr Moran, Mary, widow of the late Mr. Denis Molony of Kilrush, to Mr. William Gamble – a high mass having been just said for the repose of her late husband’s soul, who was interred that day six weeks.

See: Frost

See: Hewson

See: Peacocke

See: Paynter

L.C., 9 May 1855
In Kilrush, by the Rt. Rev Dr Vaughan, RC Bishop, Thomas B. O’Donnell, Esq. M.D., to Ann Mary, daughter of Matthew Kelly, Esq. Manager, National Bank, Kilrush.

L.C., 14 March 1855
In Tulla Church, Pierce O’Brien, Esq, of Brook Lodge, to Eliza, daughter of the late Capt. William Brough, RN, and niece to Mrs. Brown, of Newgrove, county Clare.

D.E.M., 9 May 1855
May 7th, at Kilrush, at the residence of the bride’s father, Thomas Blood O’Donnell, Esq, M.D., Kilrush, to Anna Mary, daughter of Matthew Kelly, Esq, Manager, National Bank of Ireland.

See: Mathews

D.E.M., 21 September 1855
September 20, at Tulla church, by the Rev Philip Dwyer, Andrew Paterson, Esq., C.A., Edinburgh, to Alice, daughter of the Tomkins Brew, Esq, Resident Magistrate, Tuam.

C.F., 1 December 1855
On the 31st August, ult., at St. Peter’s Church, by the Rev. W. Dickenson, John Bateman Paynter, of St. Columb Muir and Crantook, Cornwall, England, to Ellen Jane, second daughter of the late Hugh Mullen, Esq, of Ennis, county Clare.

L.C., 13 October 1855
On the 10th inst. at St. Annes’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev Mr Scott, and previously in Scotland, James Peacocke, Esq, of Ballyclough, to Geraldine, only daughter of Edmond Morony, Esq, of Ballyclough house.

See: Blood

See: Lamb

D.E.M., 1 June 1855
May 28th, at the Parish Church, Ennistymon, by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Kilfenora, assisted by the Rev David Whitty, Henry Purchase, Esq, of Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk, to Eliza Brew, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Morgan Finucane, Surgeon Royal Navy.

See: Lahan

L.C., 24 March 1855
William Henry Rigby, Esq, of Melbourne, to Frances, only daughter of Edward Giles Esq, late of New-quay, co Clare.

L.C., 3 March 1855
At Kilmore, by the Rev James Enright, P.P., Mr. William Roche, Meelick, County Clare, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. Holohan, Kilmore.

L.C., 14 February 1855
George Frank Roughan, of Ballinrobe, M.D., Esq, son of Joseph Roughan, of Ballinakea, county Clare, Esq, to Teresa, daughter of the late Francis Burke, Esq, barrister-at-law.

See: Davoren

L.C., 26 September 1855
At Ennis, Mr Michael Shannon, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr Michael Daly.

See: Chadwick

L.C., 28 March 1855
At Trinity church, Buffalo, N.Y. on the 20th ult. Peter J. Smithwick, Esq, late of Grange house, Tipperary, to Esther Blair, eldest daughter of Joseph James, Esq, Buffalo, and formerly of Buncraggy, county Clare, Ireland.

L.C., 3 March 1855
John H. Stritch, Esq, of Tomoline, county Clare, of H.M. Customs, Tralee, to Anne Chute, eldest daughter of the late Rev. James Chute, Ballyheigue rectory, county Kerry.

L.C., 8 December 1855
In Ballyboy Church, by the Rev Richard Studdert, vicar of Quin, and father of the bridegroom, Thomas Studdert, Esq, to Sarah, daughter of the late Thomas Hobbs, Captain 92d Regt. and of Barnaboy, King’s county.

See: Gore

L.C., 13 October 1855
On the 17th September by the Rector of St. Mary’s, Ion Studdert, Lieutenant 6th West York Militia, third son of Ion Studdert, Esq, Elm Hill, DL, to Grace Victoria Mathreen, second daughter of the late Capt. DeLawles, Indian Navy.

C.F., 1 October 1855
Elizabeth Frances Vandeleur, daughter of Colonel and Lady Grace Vandeleur of Kilrush house, to St John Thomas Blacker, Esq, D.L. of county Kerry.

Marriage in High Life
On Tuesday last the town of Kilrush presented a scene of gaiety and rejoicing, seldom if ever equalled in that locality. On the day was celebrated the marriage of Elizabeth Frances, the amiable and accomplished daughter of Colonel and Lady Grace Vandeleur, of Kilrush House, to St. John Thomas Blacker, Esq., D.L., co Kerry. There was a continuous discharge of cannon from the Court terrace and yacht in honor of the happy event. A profusion of streamers floated from the principal commercial buildings of the town, and all the vessels in the harbour were also gaily decked with flags and presented a very pretty appearance – particularly the “Ariel” and the “Carolina.” Before the hour appointed for the nuptial ceremony, all the approaches to the church were thronged, and the avenue leading to the sacred edifice was lined with Col. Vandeleur’s workmen, dressed in their neatest trim, and pluming themselves on the possession of wedding favors which they displayed with evident pleasure. In another position were ranged in order the children of the Kilrush female school, who waved their white handkerchiefs, and politely curtsied to their distinguished patroness, Lady Grace Vandeleur, from whom they received a graceful recognition.
At a quarter past 11 o’clock the bridal party arrived at the church, among whom we noticed the Right Hon. the Earl of Norbury, and Henry Vandeleur, Esq, uncle of the bride. Col. John Vandeleur, Mrs and the Misses Vandeleur of Ballinacourty, Henry Stuart Burton, Esq., D.L., Mrs. and the Misses Burton of Carrigaholt Castle, T. Blacker, Esq., (brother to the bridegroom), Mrs. Blacker, &c, &c., accompanied by a gay and fashionable assemblage of ladies and gentlemen of the town and neighbourhood.
The lovely bride was led and presented to the altar by her father. She was accompanied by six bridesmaids, sumptuously attired, in white tarletain dresses flounced, cerise mantlettes, trimmed with deep fringed and white tulle bonnets, and each bearing a magnificent bouquet. The dress of the bride was a white silk, deeply trimmed with the rich tarletain, over which a splendid veil of embroidered lace fell gracefully from the beautiful festoon of orange flowers which constituted the headdress. But more exquisite description and one which will, perhaps convey more accurately the impression made upon the minds of the spectators may be found in the language of the poet:-

“She moved as moves the moon radiant and pale
Through the calm night, wrapped in a silvery cloud:
The jewels of her dress shone through her veil,
As shine the stars through their thin vaporous shroud:
The brighter jewels of her eyes were hid,
Beneath their smooth white caskets arching o’er,
Which by the trembling of each lovely lid,
Seemed conscious of the treasures that they bore.”

The ceremony was performed by the Right Hon. and Right Reverent Lord Riverdsale, the Lord Bishop of Killaloe, assisted by the Reverend Joseph S. Robbins, rector of Kilrush. As the bridal party left the church, the cheers of the multitude were so loud as almost to overpower the roaring of the cannon simultaneously discharged. A large party which included, besides those already named Admiral, Mrs. and Miss Studdert, Mrs. Persse, and Mrs. Blair, Dr. Elliot, Mr. and Mrs. Blennerhassett, Mr. and Misses Keane of Gower &c. &c., then proceeded to Kilrush House, where a splendid “dejeuner” was proved.

The happy pair shortly afterwards proceeded in a handsome chariot and four to the resident of Colonel John Vandeleur of Ballinacourty, and from thence they will proceed to Castlemartin, the residence of Thomas Blacker Esq.
In the evening nothing could surpass the enthusiasm with which ignited tar barrels were paraded through the town, which was brilliantly illuminated up to a late hour. Joy bells were ringing, and an incessant fusillade was kept up till midnight from fire-arms of all sorts and sizes. Bonfires were to be seen blazing on every spot of rising ground in all directions over the surrounding country, and the whole scene far surpassed anything of the kind, that has been witnessed on the banks of the Shannon for many years.

L.C., 4 August 1855
On the 1st inst., at Croagh church, by the Rev Thomas Wakeham, brother of the bridegroom, the Rev Henry Wakeham, of Youghalerra, county Tipperary, to Annie, Daughter of Richard Dickson Daxon, Esq, late of Carradota, county Clare.

L.C., 8 August 1855
August 1, at Croagh Church, by the Rev Thomas Wakeham, brother of the bridegroom, the Rev Henry Wakeham, of Youghalerra, county of Tipperary, to Anne, daughter of Richard Dickson Daxon, Esq, late of Carradota, county of Clare.

See Fletcher




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