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Local Studies Centre: O'Loghlen Family Papers


O’Loghlen family papers. Sources and Links

A selection of source material for the history of the O’Loghlen family of the barony of Burren, donated and curated by Michael O’Loghlen, Q.C., Victoria, Australia, including original manuscripts, scanned copies of original source material, photocopies of original source material and printed publications.

Family names: O’Loghlen; Flanagan; MacCurtin (Dysert); O’Brien (Toonagh);

Places: Drumconora / Dromconora / Nutfield; Ennis; Dublin

Subjects: Land holding; Leases; Wills and probate; family history


Undated, c.1663

Petition of Turlough O’Loghlen of Gregans, county Clare, barony of Burren.

To the commissioners for the resettlement of Ireland.

Petitioner’s great grandfather, Owney O’Loghlen was seised of all the lands in the schedule annexed and did entrust those lands, about seventy years ago, to the benefit of Rossa O’Loghlen, his oldest son, and his heirs.

After his death, his son and heir Malachy O’Loghlen was seised.

After his death, the lands descended upon his son and heir, Owney Oge O’Loghlen.

After his death, the lands descended to the petitioner, as son and heir of Owney Oge O’Loghlen, and the petitioner was seised on 22 October 1641.

The petitioner was dispossessed by the usurped power to transplanted persons.

The petitioner seeks an order whereby he may be restored to his lands.

Manuscript, two pages.


Undated, c.1663 or later

Schedule of Lands.

Details the estate of Colonel Tirlagh O’Loghlen of Gregans, county Clare, barony of Burren.

Lands held in Rathborney, Drumcreehy, Kilcorney, Carran, and Oughtmama parishes.

Manuscript, three pages.


Undated, c.1663 or later

Petition to King Charles II, of England, by Colonel Thirlagh O’Loghlen.

Seeks restoration to the lands particularised in the Schedule, owned by the family for “time beyond the memory of man”, but recently dispossessed.

Manuscript, three pages.



Will of Colman O’Loghlen of Ballilee, Galway, parish priest.

Desires his remains to be deposited in “my family Tomb in the Abbey of Corcomrough in the county of Clare.”

Names the following as beneficiaries:

The poorest families of the two parishes of which I am parish priest for several years past.

My brother, Ross O’Loghlen.

My brother, Denis O’Loghlen.

My sister, Margaret O’Bryan otherwise O’Loghlen.

The widow Peggy Foster, otherwise O’Loghlen, daughter to my brother Ross O’Loghlen.

My niece Mrs Burke of Lisbryan, daughter of my brother, the said Ross O’Loghlen.

My niece Joan McDonogh, daughter to my sister Margaret O’Bryan.

My niece Mary Curtin, daughter to my late brother Hugh O’Loghlen.

My niece Joan Connell otherwise O’Bryan.

My niece Miss Mary O’Bryan.

My nephew Bryan O’Loghlen, son to said Ross O’Loghlen.

Young Ross O’Loghlen, my nephew, son to said Ross O’Loghlen.

My nephew Laurence O’Loghlen, priest and son to said Ross O’Loghlen.

Appoints as executors Jonack Mooney of Ballylee and Thomas Comyn of Galway,
24 August 1777.

Witnesses, H. Daly, and?

Last Will and Testament of Doctor Colman O’Loghlen.
Scanned document, two pages.


Second Will of Colman O’Loghlen.

Similar to the earlier Will, though with occasional differences.

Same executors.

Dated 24 September 1777.

Witnesses: Cahill, James Walton.

Scanned document, two pages.

Note: See Arthur Vicars, “Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland, 1536- 1810,” Dublin, 1897, at page 360, indicating that Probate was granted for this Will in 1784.



Will of Colman O’Loghlen of Port, county Clare.

Names as Trustees his relations, Peter O’Loghlen of Clareville, John Kerin of Rockview, Anthony Enraght of Corofin, regarding my lands of Cahirmacrea (which I purchased from David Arthur England of Cahircalla, county Clare), barony of Inchiquin.

Names as beneficiaries:

His wife, Susanna O’Loghlen.

His eldest son, Hugh O’Loghlen.

His second son, Colman O’Loghlen.

His third son, Michael O’Loghlen.

His fourth son, Bryan O’Loghlen.

His fifth son, Terence O’Loghlen.

His only daughter, Lucinda O’Loghlen.

Details leasehold lands held in various baronies.

Appoints as Executors, his son Hugh O’Loghlen, his relation Andrew Kerin of Ballyally,
Daniel O’Connell of Kilgorey, and his wife Susanna O’Loghlen.

29 January 1809.

Witnesses: Constans Curtin, John Kennedy, William Kennedy.

Codicil, 4 January, 1810. Witnessed by Connell O’Connell.

Scanned document, eleven pages.



Deed of Attornment, signed by Con O’Bryan and Michael Nestor in favour of the (named) Executors of Colman O’Loghlen, deceased.

Concerns rents payable by tenants upon holdings of (specified) lands situate in county Clare.

Con O’Bryan £66/0/6.

Michael Nestor £ (obscured).

29 April 1811.

Manuscript, three pages.



Legal proceeding, Court of Exchequer, county Clare, between William Burton and Colman O’Loughlin.

Complaint of trespass occurring in county Clare on 4 June 1815, occasioning loss and damage to Burton.

Edward Carroll, attorney for the plaintiff.

Received 23 January 1816.

Scanned document, thirteen pages.



Indenture, in contemplation of the marriage of Hugh O’Loghlen and Barbara Flanagan.

Parties: Hugh O’Loghlen of Port, county Clare; Terence Flanagan of Saint Catherine’s, county Kildare; Daniel O’Connell of Kilgorey, county Clare; Barbara Flanagan, spinster, eldest daughter of John Flanagan of Clogher, county Roscommon.

Details of the marriage settlement.

4 February 1815.

Scanned document, eleven pages.



Letter, written from Clogher by John Flanagan to his daughter, Barbara O’Loghlen.

16 June, 1818.

Addressed: For Mrs O’Loghlin, Port, Ennis.

Scanned document, three pages.




Michael O’Loghlen. A digested abridgement of such parts of the Acts now in force in Ireland, on the subject of elections, as relate to the qualification of freeholders and freemen, registry of freeholds, time, place and manner of holding elections, duty of the sheriff, or other returning officer and his deputy, and of the clerk of the peace and poll-clerk, at contested elections; with an index. Second edition.

Dublin: V. Delany, Bookseller, Four Courts, 1825.

151 pages, includes index.



Legal opinion of (Serjeant) Thomas Lefroy, barrister.

Concerns an aspect of the administration of the estate of Colman O’Loghlen, died 1810. In particular, concerns the discharge of two bonds of the late Prime Serjeant, the right honourable James Fitzgerald, one for £700, the other for £99. 19s. 11d.

8 May 1826
Scanned document, three pages.



Unsworn affidavit of Sir Michael O’Loghlen (died 1842).

Identifies his own family members, dated
December, 1827.

Scanned document, two pages.



Will of Hugh O’Loghlen of Port, county Clare.

Desires to be buried in “the vault belonging to my family in the churchyard of Ruan”.

Appoints as trustees, his brother Bryan O’Loghlen, and his brother-in-law Hewitt Bridgeman.

Names as beneficiaries:

His eldest son, Colman O’Loghlen.
His second son, Hugh O’Loghlen.
His daughter, Winifred O’Loghlen.
His daughter, Barbara O’Loghlen.
Refers to his deceased brother, Terence O’Loghlen.
Refers to his deceased brother, Colman O’Loghlen.
Refers to his brother, Michael O’Loghlen.

Refers to lands held under the representatives of Robert Fleming, Esq.; under Morty
McMahon, and under Piers Creaghe, Esq; and other lands.

12 March 1831.
Witnesses: William O’Brien, Thomas Brew, George C. O’Doherty.

Scanned document, three pages.

Thirteen. One


Indenture dated 19 March 1838.

Grant by Thomas Brew, Moyree, County Clare, to Michael O’Loghlen, Merrion Square, Dublin, of house and land in the village of Ruan, Dysert, barony of Inchiquin, County Clare.

Consideration £25

Signed and sealed by Thomas Brew and Michael O’Loghlen

Witness Hugh O’Loghlen

Manuscript, three pages



Letter dated 4 December 1839, covering envelope dated 5 December with Ennis postal frank.

Letter written by Bryan O’Loghlen to his brother Sir Michael O’Loghlen, followed by a note written by Ellen O’Loghlen (nee Kelly) to her niece, Bidelia O’Loghlen.

Foreshadows the godparents of Bryan and Ellen’s daughter, Bidelia O’Loghlen, born 1839.
4 December, 1839.

Scanned document, three pages and scanned envelope.



Registration certificate.

Certificate of a rent-charger, freeholder or leaseholder.
Freehold voting certificate of Colman O’Loghlen, Dromconora, County Clare.

17 October, 1840.

Scanned document, one page.


Loyal National Repeal Association.

Colman O’Loghlen.
Membership card, 29 May 1843.

Scanned document, two pages.


Loyal National Repeal Association.

Colman O’Loghlen.
Membership card, 16 October 1843.

Scanned document, one page.



Financial instruments.

Cheques and promissory notes drawn on banks in Ennis and Dublin concerning Sir Colman O’Loghlen, and his siblings Bryan O’Loghlen, Bidelia O’Loghlen and Michael O’Loghlen.

Bank cheques.



Estate rental.

The estate of Bryan O’Loghlen Esq for the year ending the 1st of May 1870.

Prepared by Mr. Martin, Ennis.

Rental of the lands of Baur South; Quakerstown; Kilkee West; Reanagishagh; Aillroe More and Aillroe Beg. With the tolls and customs of Ruan fair. The property of Bryan O’Loghlen, Esq in the county of Clare.

The tenants named are-

Baur South, Kilcorney: Patrick Lee

Quakerstown, Kilkeedy: John Lee

Kilkee West, Ruan: Rev. Jeremiah Vaughan
Kilkee West, Ruan: Michael Keating
Kilkee West: Daniel Curtin
Kilkee West, Ruan: Patrick O’Brien.
Kilkee West: Patrick Mulvihill

Tolls and customs of Ruan fair: McNamara

Reanagishagh, Kilmaley: Reps of John O’Donnell

Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: James McMahon
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Marcus Cunningham
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Patrick McMahon
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Representatives of John McMahon
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Winifred McMahon
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Honora Behan
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Patrick Neenan
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Thomas O’Grady
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Matthew Moloney
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Ellen Neenan
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Sinon McMahon
Aillroe More, Kilfiddane: Michael Houlihan

Aillroe Beg, Kilfiddane: Stephen Cunningham
Aillroe Beg, Kilfiddane: Salmon weir, Stephen Cunningham

Foolscap manuscript, seven leaves



Drumconora Eel Weir Company

Prospectus, foolscap manuscript, four leaves

Limited company, share capital of £100 in shares of £1 each

Lists directors and other associated persons

Separate letter dated 12 October 1871 convening meeting of company




Letter from the Cahersherkin Agricultural School, Clooney, Ennistymon from P. McInerney, secretary of the North Clare National Teachers Association addressed to Sir Colman M. O’Loghlen.

Scanned document, four pages.


1898, 1902.
Family pedigrees.

Notes on the pedigree of the McCurtain family of Dysert by the late Michael Lysaght of Ennis, put into chart form by George Unthank Macnamara.

14 February 1898.

Photocopied document.

Pedigree of the O’Brien family of Toonagh, compiled from a bill filed 1820 and from statements of Maryanne O’Loghlen and put into chart form by George Unthank Macnamara, 1902.

Photocopied document.



Estate map.

Fergus Drainage District.

Outline of drainage works in the townlands of Ballycarroll, Faunrusk, Derry and Cragweelcross, all in Templemaley parish, and Cloontymurphy, parish of Kilraghtis.

Map drawn by T.H. Pilkington, C.E., of Glenard, Clareabbey, to a scale of six inches to one statute mile, 20 July 1910.

Shows Drumconora House and Trinaderry House.

Scanned document, one page.




Seven black and white photographs of Drumconora including three interior views.

Further reading:

Luke McInerney. Note on the petition of Turlough O’Loghlen of Gragans, Burren, County Clare (c. 1663). The Other Clare, volume 41, 2017, at pp. 15-25






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