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Local Studies Centre: The O’Brien Rent Rolls

This roll of film contains MSS. 14,381-14,410; 14,417-14,443; 14,790 and 14,800 from the National Library of Ireland. The 59 manuscripts are all rent rolls of the O’Brien family of Co. Clare, and cover the period from 1685 to 1828. Though the numerical order of the MSS. is mostly correct, certain changes were deemed advisable when they were being microfilmed.

The rent rolls have, therefore, been filmed in the following order:

 Ms. 14,410 Rent Roll of Sir Donat O’Brien, undated but dating from c.1685 for denominations in six baronies.
Mss. 14,381-14,396 Sir Donat O’Brien’s “Burren Rent Rolls”, 1702-1703, 1711-1717.
Mss. 14,397-14,409 Sir Donough (=Donat) O’Brien’s Rent Roll for Bunratty and Tipperary, 1711-1717.
Mss. 14,417-14,425 Sir Edward O’Brien’s Rent Rolls, for Inchiquin, Bunratty, Burren and Corcomroe baronies and town of Newmarket, 1719-1723 and 1731.
Ms. 14,426 “A Scheam of Sixmilebridge”, 1726.
(Four large loose folios setting out 50 denominations, names of tenants and copious observations. Title and date appear on f. lv.)
Ms. 14,427 Sir Edward’s Sixmilebridge Rent Roll, 1734.
Mss. 14,428-9 Ditto, 1735.
Ms. 14,430 Ditto, 1737.
Ms. 14,435 Sir Edward’s Rent Roll for Bunratty Barony (incl. Newmarket Town) 1734. [One page with tenants numbered 56-88.]
Mss. 14,436-37 Ditto, 1736.
Mss. 14,438-9 Ditto, 1737.
Ms. 14,440 First half: Bunratty rent roll, May, 1738.
Second half: Burren and Inchiquin denominations, May, 1738.
Mss. 14,431-33 Sir Edward’s rent roll, Bunratty barony, Nov. 1738-1740. (“Bunratty” rent roll called “Newmarket” rent roll from 1739).
Ms. 14,434 Ditto, 1742.
MS. 14,443 Ditto, 1745.
Mss. 14,441-42 Sir Edward’s rent roll, “of the Lands assigned for payment of Messrs. Hull & French etc”, May & Nov. 1743. (Both indexed).
Ms. 14,790

“Rental of the Co. Clare estates of Henry O’Brien, 1722-58”.

This book has four sections:

  1. Bunratty rent roll, Nov. 1722, with notes written in at various times to 1760. Contains 24 tenants and gives acreage. (10pp).
  2. Rent roll of estate inherited by Donatus O’Brien from his mother in Counties Limerick and Tipperary, May 1728, 21 tenants. (9pp).
  3. Estate inherited by Donatus from Sir Donat in Counties Clare and Limerick and in the Liberties of Cork. (8pp)
  4. Information re the title of various people. (4pp, very faded).
Ms. 14,800 “O’Brien Rent Rolls, 1795-1828”.
This covers denominations from the Burren to Sixmilebridge, and some in Co. Limerick. The years specifically covered are 1795-6, 1806-1828.

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