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Petworth House Collection: County Clare Documents

Clare Local Studies Centre, Ennis
Petworth House Archive 3 Microfilms

Reel 3

Title Page :

Petworth Collection : Thomond Papers
Press C : Drawer 27 :Maps and Surveys
Bundles as Follows (See Page. 327 et seq. of Catalogue) :-

A (includes copies of Strafford (64 items)

B (large vol.)

C (cannot be found)

D (not filmed: fragmentary: contains surveyor’s notebooks)

E (cannot be found)

F (not filmed: fragments re unnamed labels)

G (Bunratty Park, c. 1634)

H/1-2 (Bunratty Castle)

I/1-3 (River Shannon, 1773, printed)

K (Part of estate, 1772)

L (not filmed; O.S.)

M (not filmed: item of 1840)

Original documents listed as:

C. / 27 / A / 1-64

C27/A/1 This Conteines the Survey of Ibrackan Lands as alsoe of Lands about Ennish

C27/A/1b A Particular survey of the seuerall Lands within the demeasnes of Bunratty & other adiacent Lands

C 27/ A/ 2 Title unclear but document is part of survey of Islands Barony

C27/A/3 Unclear

C27/A/4/1 Lands at Balinecloughey (title unclear)

C27/A/4/2 Unclear

C27/A/6 The Contente and Estimate of Gregory Hickmans and Mr Burtens Farms

C27/A/7 Ffeild Booke in 1641

C27/A/8/1 Lands in ‘ffanings towne’ and Kilderry

C27/A/8/2 As above

C27/A/9 The lands of Rath (?)

C27/A/10 Sappertons Survey of Munster at Rosmanagher wherein is included the contente of Mr Horseyes(?) farme

C27/A/11 Unclear

C27/A/12 Unclear

C27/A/13 Unclear but seems to be ffaningstowne & Killderry

C27/A/14 An Abstract of ye Lands surveyed by Wm. Sapperton in Ja. and Ffebr. 1637

C27/A/15 The Survey of (?) & the valuation of the Land

C27/A/16 Unclear

C27/A/17 Unclear

C27/A/18/1 Unclear

C27/A/18/2 Unclear

C27/A/18/3 Unclear

C27/A/18/4 Unclear

C27/A/19 Unclear

C27/A/20 Unclear

C27/A/21 Unclear

C27/A/22 Unclear

C27/A/23/1 Unclear

C27/A/23/2 The Content of what rape there is, & what is barly; and what is wheat…

C27/A/23/3 A note of what I have received this yeare for my survay by directiones from your honour

C27/A/24/1 The whole content of the lands of Moyree…

C27/A/24/2 Content & valluation of Meyery

C27/A/24/3 In woods (?) by the iron mills…

C27/A/25 The content of Stacyes lands by Sixmilebridge…

C27/A/26 The land of Donnasse

C27/A/27 The content of Craggbrine & Lisheene

C27/A/28 The content of Innishmore

C27/A/29 Assorted survey documents

C27/A/30 Content of Doone; mulvihill & other Lands in Inchycronan Parrysh

C27/A/31 The content of the lands in the housing of John McTeige McNamara…

C27/A/32 ‘Gibbon English’ farm & lands at Gortaglana etc.

C27/A/33 Unclear

C27/A/34 Lands in Moyfarta barony

C27/A/35 Lands at ‘Drummolan’

C27/A/36 The content of ffonaugh; drumline…

C27/A/37 An abstract of Elswer this survey of Clonsoghod sett to Mr Buckly

C27/A/38 Alphabetical folio of lands, including:
Lands survayed for the Right Honourable the Earle of Thomond sice the 6th day of January last being in the yeare of our Lord god 1633(?) by Henry Ellsworth

Title Page:

An Abstract of Such Rents and Re –
uenewes as doe belonge to the right Honble.
Earle of Thomond
With a rehearsall of the Castles and Landes out
Of which ye
said Rents are due
The quantities of the said Landes by Quarters
Halfe Quarters, quartermires & other poportions
Declaring farther
In whose tenure the said Landes are, and in what
Countie & Barony they lye
What Rents are due out of the said Lands
For euerie Gale



Lists lands and tenants in:
Baronie of Bunrattie
Baronie of Tullogh
Baronie of the Islandes
Baronie of Clonderala
Baronie of Corcomroe
Baronie of Burrin
Baronie of Inchyquin
Baronie of Ibrackan

C27/A/40 Elsworths survey of landes in the ? of Crovraghan

C27/A/41 County Clare Tullogh Barony

C27/A/42 County Limerick Clanwilliam Barony Dromkeen Parish

C27/A/43/1 A Particular of the ffarm of Dooneassa

C27/A/43/2 Doonasse Denominations & No. of Acres

C27/A/43/3 The Number of Acres in Moland’s survey taken on the 14th Aug 1745

C27/A/44 Survey No. 44 Cluggen/Fanlish in scale & Moland

C27/A/45 The Survey of the Lordship of Annaghinore

C27/A/46 The Survey of Seersys part of the Lord Thomond’s Estate taken ye 08th of 7a (?)1711

C27/A/47 A Coppy of ye Survey of Coonsebegg & Consegan taken in 1704 @

C27/A/48 (Fragment of page) Civil Survey Islandes.
Next page also C/27/A/48 County Clare Tullogh Barony

C27/A/49 County Clare Bunratty

C27/A/50 Appears to be book of acreages by parish and barony taken from Strafford’s Survey. (3) ffurtanemore 1 qr

C27/A/51 County Clare Tullagh Barony

C27/A/52 Strafford Survey March 1679

C27/A/53 The Lands of Conacre

C27/A/54 Part of Strafford Survey as to Lands in the Parish of Killaloo – Sent by Mr Hamilton in 1725

C27/A/55 Ditto

C27/A/56 Ditto

C27/A/57 The content of the land at ffonagh

C27/A/58 Ballyloughfada etc.

C27/A/59 The abstract of land surveyed by Sapperton

C27/A/60 The number of quarters in the barony of Ibreckane & howe they are sett at this instant being the xiij of June 1615

C27/A/61 Unclear but is continuation of Strafford, Islands Barony

C27/A/62 State the Lands of (?) sett out for Gavine hawksworth

C27/A/63 John McTeig McNemarra farme from my land

C27/A/64 Elsworth

Title Page:

27 – C – B. Vol 9 – page 327


An Abstract
Of Such Rents and
Revenues as doe belong to the right Honble.
Henry Earle of Thomond.
Togeather with a Rehearsall of the
Castles, Lands and Impropriations, out of which the
said Rents are due.
With the quantitie of the said Landes
by Quarters Halfe quarters, Quartermires & other proportions,
Togeather with the Spirituall Livings
In his Lordshipps Guift
Declareing farther
In whose Tenure the said Lands are and in
What Countie, and Barony they lye

Taken 1681 By
Thomas Spaight

C27/H/1 Drawing entitled The Prospect of the Castle of Bunratty

C27/H/2 Floor Plan of above

C27/K Vol 9 Page 327 A Survey of part of the Estate of the Right Honourable Percy
Wyndham Earl of Thomond by Bernard Scale 1772

C27/I Vol 9 Page 327

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