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Petworth House Collection: County Clare Documents

Clare Local Studies Centre, Ennis
Petworth House Archive 6 Microfilms


MF 2567

PHA 1708

Rental of Irish estates, compiled by Edmund Hogan. 1741.

PHA 3070

List of properties in Counties Clare, Tipperary and Limerick, with notes of rent charges, fishing rights, etc. 17th century.

PHA 3183 and PHA 3184

Copies of report on disputed ownership of land at Caronusk’en, County Clare, involving the Bishop of Killaloe and the Earl of Thomond. 17th century.

PHA 3185

Interrogatories concerning the precedency of the Earldoms of Thomond and Clanricarde. 17th century.

PHA 3198 and PHA 3199

Copy of bill of complaint of Donnogh O’Bryen against James Bourke concerning a loan of £100 and the alleged cutting by the Earl of Thomond of timber purchased with the loan, with copy of bond. 17 June 1623.

PHA 5384

Fee Farm deed of sale of 160 acres at Six Mile Bridge, County Clare, between Henry, 7th Earl of Thomond and Sir Donatus O’Brien. 26 September 1712.

PHA 9735

Papers concerning the legal case, Hewett v. Thomond, a renewal of lease at Lisseene, County Clare. 1707.

PHA 11,161

Statement of the legal case, Mary Manwaring v. Henry, Earl of Thomond and others, concerning an ejectment. C. 1741.

PHA 11,237, PHA 11,238, PHA 11,239, PHA 11,240, PHA 11,241,
PHA 11,242, PHA 11,243, PHA 11,244, PHA 11,245

Labour account for Kildeema model farm, County Clare, with some accounts for other expenses there. 1845 – 1847.

PHA 11,928

Account of Colonel Wyndham’s model farm at Spaneel, Carruduf and Kildemon [Spancilhill, Carrowduff and Kildeema]; includes board of ‘agricultural pupils.’ 1842 – 1845.

PHA 11,936

Report by J.F. Clarke on the Irish estates, and on Mr White’s farm at Clonfadda. 1849

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