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Westby Estate

Nicholas Westby was one of three speculators to acquire forfeited lands in County Clare from Arnold Joost Van Keppel, the Earl of Albermarle along with Francis Burton and James McDonnell. The Westby Estate in County Clare extended to some 84,000 acres. The Westby Estate maps of 1736 and 1851 are held on microfilm in the Local Studies Centre.

1736 Henry Hewitt Estate Maps

1851 Estate Maps and Rentals

1851 Townland Maps (no rentals)

Westby Book Maps


Fodry and Kilbaha, Kilballyowen

Moneen and Kiltrellig with its sub-denominations, Kilballyowen

Cloghaunsavaun and Lissalougha, Kilballyowen

Feeard, Kilballyowen

Kilballyowen and Oughterard, Kilballyowen

Moyarta and Lacarrow, Moyarta

Doonaha East and Doonaha West, Moyarta

Tullabrack, Kilrush

Gowerhass and Tullagower, Kilrush

Cahermurphy (Cahirmurahoe), Kilmihil

Knockatunna, Kilmaley

Boolybrien, Cahermore and Rathcrony, Kilmaley

Kilcloher, Lissnaborneene (Lissborneene), Boulnarigg, Cragherigh, Craggroe, Kilmaley

Ballymacooda, Kilmaley

Lecarrow More, Kimaley and Rathkerry, Drumcliff

Ballymacahill, Kilraghtis

Rossroe, Kilmurry Negaul

Coor and Inch Beg, Drumcliff

Annaghneal and sub-denomination Cloonlooskaun (Clounlouskane), Kilnoe

Garrynacallaha (Faineicter) and Poulamcrih (Poulnakreigh), Kilkeedy

Bealickania and Rinneen (and sub-denominations Killmaskenett and Clouneavoy), Ruan

Carrowduff, Kilshanny

Derreen and Dromenacalluragh, Kilshanny

Buolynaknockane, Buolynasligery and Buolynalickey, Kilmaley

Lispuckaun (Lispuckane), Kilmaley

Cloontabonniv (Clountabaniff), Gortadouge and Derrynacarragh, Kilmaley

Gortbofarna and Derry, Inagh

Ballyvoe, Kilmaley

Glenletternafinny (Glaunleternafinagh), Kilmaley

Tullaghaboy (Tulloughboy), Kilmaley

Rathcraggaun (Racragane) and Sleveen, Drumcliff

Finlough (Fenlow), Tomfinlough

Snugborough (Lacarhueicter), Tomfinlough

Rinerrinagh (Rine Erinagh), Dysert

Drummeen West (Drummeeneamuckelogh West), Killone

Ennis town : Gaol street, Church street and the Turnpike, Drumcliff

Westby Rent Notice


Rathcraggaun, Drumcliff

Drummeen West, Killone

Rathkerry, Drumcliff

Cloonawee, Doora

Ballymacahill, Kilraghtis

Gortbofarna, Inagh

Tullaghaboy, Kilmaley

Slaghbooly, Kilmaley

Derreen, Kilshanny

Addroon, Ruan

Rinneen (Kilmaskenet), Ruan

Carrowduff, Kilshanny

Poulmacrih, Kilkeedy

Bealickania, Ruan

Derry, Inagh

Ballyeighter, Kilkeedy

Coor, Drumcliff

Snugborough, Tomfinlough

Kilcloher, Kilmaley

Lecarrow More, Kilmaley

Annaghneal, Kilnoe

Tullabrack West, Kilmacduane

Tullabrack East, Kilmacduane

Gowerhass, Kilrush

Tullagower, Kilrush

Moyarta East, Moyarta

Moyarta West, Moyarta

Breaghva, Moyarta

Doonaha East, Moyarta

Doonaha West, Moyarta

Kilaballyowen North, Kilballyowen

Kilballyowen Middle and South, Kilballyowen

Ross, Kilballyowen

Fodry, Kilballyowen

Kilbaha North, Kilballyowen

Kilbaha South, Kilballyowen

Kilbaha Mountain and Kilbaha Barracks, Kilballyowen


Boolybrien, Rathcrony, Cahermore and Knockatunna, Kilmaley

Lispuckaun and Boolynaknockaun, Kilmaley

Cloontabonniv and Glenletternafinny (Glaun), Kilmaley

Cahermurphy and Castlepark, Kilmihil

Ross, Moneen and Kiltrellig Bog, Kilballyowen

Feeard, Quilty, Cloghaunsavaun and Lissalolougha, Kilballyowen

Ballymacooda and Ballyvoe, Kilmaley

Finlough, Tomfinlough

Rosroe, Cloonmunnia, Cragroe and Knocknalappa, Kilmurry Negaul

Drumellihy (Westby), Kilmacduane

Rinerrinagh (Rine Erinagh), Dysert

Ennis town, Drumcliff


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